Choose a Crystal For A Personal Message

Pick a Crystal that you feel drawn to without much analysis. When you are ready, scroll down to reveal your message. Take a deep breath and relax. 

Number 1

You have recently been denied a Victory, or so you thought. Do not be disappointed, as whatever is being denied you are protection “a blessing in disguise” from the Universe and your Angels. There is an important lesson that needs to be learned, to help you grow and soar high in the future. Trust that everything happens for a reason, and this is required to support your achievement. A bigger celebration is coming once the lesson is learned.

Number 2

You have recently come through a conflict or a struggle, either internally or with someone. There is an energy change now within and around you. You are now being asked to take a leap of faith and trust your inner guidance to bring you towards a greater path and that everything will now fall right into place in front of you if you follow your inner guidance. Know that help will be given when needed. It is now time to move forward fearlessly.

Number 3

You are currently in a situation where you felt tied up. Know that this is only an illusion created by yourself and nothing is holding you except yourself, only you can free yourself up. Trust that you can get out of this sticky situation for only you have the power to overcome this obstacle within. Set your intention now to release and let go, and fully devote to self-Love and care. Go within now.


I hope this reading helps you and I would love to hear from you about your situation that resonates with this reading.

I would like to remind you that it is not I who is accurate, but you and your intuition that guides you to the message.

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