Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. Apologies to any of you who were waiting to catch the daily guidance reading here on the blog

You are becoming increasingly sensitive to energy (everything is made of energy), so it is likely that you will respond in more radical ways to energy healing and vibrational medicine at this time. Since there are no side effects to vibrational medicine, you have nothing to lose by trying it in the week ahead if there is any chronic condition that you have been struggling to find a remedy for. You could try anything from a flower/homepathic remedy, sound healing to actual crystal healing.

Working with the energy of Preseli Bluestone can help us stay grounded, be more fully present in the moment, as well as true to ourselves and our calling as Earthkeepers.

You Chose Card no. 1

6 of Cups. You are revisiting your past this week and seeking closure. Allow the emotions connected with this past memory to arise and observe them without judgement. Now is the time to integrate this lesson and let go. Our Tarot Healing message for the month of June is especially relevant for you in the week ahead.

You Chose Card no. 2

King of Wands. A wonderful week to organise people around you with regards to a new venture you wish to get off the ground. You are naturally charismatic and people are likely to jump at the chance to work with you, so don’t hesitate to make that pitch – Green light all the way, baby!

You Chose Card no. 3

Three of Cups. Focus on celebrating friendship this week. A new friend will come into your life. This may start small and online rather than in real life but it will grow into a life-long friendship provided you nurture the relationship with the intent to cultivate an anam cara (soul friend) connection.