This morning I did a quick “Past Present Future” reading with the question, “Is this a good idea?” Well apparently it is and I am so happy ♥ !! In order, the cards represent past, present, and future:


Restriction, self sacrifice. Championing the noble cause for others. feeling drained of energy and resources. Suspension of plans. Seeming to have no control over the events of one’s life. A wise and sometimes temporary surrender. Enduring self sacrifice as a part of initiation.

The experience and teachings of recent trials renews a sense of peace and heightens the feeling of being alive. Intuition and psychic abilities are attuned through suspension.

Some of issues which come out when using this spread to getting a reading regarding you past regard energies and events in the past which are still haunting you. You can learn how you past might be holding you back or how it could be helping your journey forward. You can easily take this information and apply it make your life better today. Dwelling on the past can be negative. This is why it is important to keep in mind to look at the past purely for the purpose of observation. If you leave behind any blame or regret about the events in the past, you can effective learn from the past and move forward.


A woman of deep spiritual strenght and understanding. She is sensitive to the well-being of others and encourages the pursuit of aspirations. A woman of dignity, charm, and knowledge. She represents independent thought, the strenght of conviction, and a love of nature. Indicates generosity, learning, courage, and leadership.

Being aware of what is effect you right now is critical in learning more about yourself. It is also important in learning what you need to do to move forward in the direction you want to go in. This spread can clearly show you the energies which are having the biggest impact on your current situation. By seeing this you can better understand the challenges and opportunities which are currently being laid out before you.


Abundance. Happiness, nourishment, and protection. The beginning of a fulfilling, worthwhile project or cycle in life. Contentment, joy, and satisfaction. Lending one’s skills to further a noble cause. Goodwill and divine inspiration. Fertility and productivity. Following a higher call. Receptivity to a higher plane. And receiving the fruits of past kindness.

The future portion of the type of reading lets you know the outcome of situations in your life currently. It shows you a clearer path of how things may be actually moving as opposed to how you think they may be moving. This portion of the reading can also help you to better understand what it is your truly desire. This reading can help people better under the progression of the energies of their lives. You can learn about where you currently are in your life and receive some guidance as to how to handle the situations you are being presented with. This is a great way to learn more about how the change the issues in your life you need to change. It also helps you to better handle the issues which you do not have control over.