The Meaning of Your Birthstone and How to Use its Magic Energy

Crystals and gemstones hold special healing and spiritual properties. It has long been believed that when you wear the stone that coincides with your birth month, astrological sign or numerology birth number, that it can exude stronger healing powers.

Wearing the stone that coincides with your birth month is believed to help enhance your aura and energy levels. It can also help you to feel aligned with your soul purpose.

When you wear your birthstone or use the stone in manifestation rituals or healing work, the stone is said to be amplified in power and far more effective.

You can also tap into the healing potential of each stone, no matter what month you were born in, by wearing or using the corresponding stone of the month.

Here are the birthstones for each month and how you can tap into the amazing energy of your stone-

January- Garnet

Garnet is a powerful red stone that is known for helping to activate and strengthen the root chakra. The word Garnet is derived from “seed” because it represents the power and strength of new life and new beginnings.

Garnet also symbolizes truth, faith, and safety while traveling. Garnet is a powerful stone for grounding and for getting in touch with your “roots”.

Garnet is the perfect stone to wear if you are feeling scattered or all over the place. It is also a good stone to wear when you are getting ready to start something new or lay down new roots.

Garnet can also help release family karma and cleanse away negative attachments to past lives or relatives.

This is the perfect stone for January, as seeing as it is the first month of the calendar year, it supports the idea of new beginnings and fresh starts.

February- Amethyst

Amethyst is considered one of the most powerful stones due to its ability to activate and open the third eye. Amethyst also carries the vibration of peace, serenity, and protection. It is the perfect stone for healers, empaths, and lightworkers.

Amethyst also has the ability to help connect you with the Divine realms and tap into your angels and spirit guides. It is the perfect stone to use if you want to strengthen your psychic abilities in a gentle and protective way.

Amethyst clusters can also help to protect your home from negative energy and can also help to support a positive frame of mind.

They are perfect to use in any type of ritual and in all healing work.

March- Aquamarine

Aquamarine has long been used to protect sailors from the roughness of the sea. Aquamarine also symbolizes healing and has been said to ease tensions in romantic relationships.

Aquamarine also inspires courage and can help you to feel mentally clear. It can also be used to aid in self-expression and creativity.

It is the perfect stone to use in manifestation rituals and when you need help expressing yourself.

If you are a writer or want to get something off your chest, Aquamarine can help you communicate clearly and with confidence.

April- Diamond

Diamonds are considered one of the most precious stones in the world. Because of their rarity and price, you can also substitute for zircon or a Herkimer diamond. These are also great stones for those born in the month of April.

Diamonds represent purity, eternity and courage. Diamonds also help to enhance your strength and vitality and can help you to overcome any challenging obstacles.

Diamond is an energy amplifier, which means that it has the ability to enhance the energies that surround it. When you use diamonds in combinations with other healing crystals, its effects can be extremely potent.

Diamond is an excellent stone to use in all healing rituals and ceremonies. It has been said to help strengthen the natural immunity and vitality of the body.

May- Emerald

This pungent green stone is associated with fertility, love, heart awakenings and rebirth. In ancient times, Emerald was dedicated to the planet Venus, which rules of love, beauty, money, and the intuition.

Emeralds are great to use for all matters of the heart. They help to stimulate heart openings and can also help to mend a broken heart. Emeralds can also help to evoke creative ideas and can help in turning your dreams into realities.

It has also been said that Emeralds help to make you extremely desirable and magnetic. They can be used to help attract a lover or even a job that you highly desire. It is believed that when you wear an emerald, no one can say no to you!

Because they are rare, you can also substitute an emerald for green agate.

June- Pearl

Pearls symbolize purity. In ancient times, it was believed that pearls were hardened tears of joy from the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Pearls are also said to help create stable, loving relationships and can also calm angry or frustrated energy. Pearls can also ease digestive disturbances related to stress and anxiety.

Because they are from the sea, Pearls can amplify the effects of the Moon and are great to use in Moon and fertility rituals. They are also considered to hold highly creative energy and are a good choice for artists, writers, and musicians.

Pearls can also help to stimulate a healthy period and healthy pregnancy. You can also substitute pearls for moonstone.

July- Ruby

Ruby symbolizes harmony, peace, and power. Its brilliant red color is also connected to the root chakra and can help to stimulate grounding energy. Ruby is also highly protective and is believed to help ward off negative energy.

Ruby has also been said to help stimulate the sex drive and feelings of passion. It is also extremely healing for the body and is great to use for conditions affecting the blood.

Ruby is perfect to use when your energy has been depleted or when you are looking to bring back more passion into your life.

August- Peridot

This beautiful green stone symbolizes strength, power, and cleansing. Peridot has long been used to help ward off negative energies, hexes, and black magic.

Peridot is also a great stone for helping to stimulate positive thinking and to boost mental clarity and performance. it is also a great stone to use when restoring the energy of the heart after a breakup or trauma.

Peridot also helps to reduce feelings of fear and evokes courage and strength. It is a great stone for healers, shamans and those in the medical field. Peridot is also great for intuitive children and can help to ward off bad dreams or feelings of fear.

September- Sapphire

Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and healing. Sapphire is also said to help enhance communication and the throat chakra. If you need to get something off your chest or speak your truth, wearing or holding a sapphire can definitely help.

Because Sapphires are rare and expensive, you can substitute this stone for Lapis Lazuli which carries very similar healing properties.

Sapphires are great for helping you to look past illusions and into the truth. It is also believed to act as a natural lie detector and will allow you to be more sensitive and aware of other peoples motives.

Sapphires help you to see the truth and can help you to communicate with your angels and spirit guides with more accuracy.

October- Opal

Opals are an extremely powerful stone that holds many properties including faithfulness, confidence, love, healing, protection, and strength. Opals are believed to hold slightly different properties depending on their color and where they are from.

Opals carry a lot of energy, so it is best to choose the opal that best fits you based on your intuition. Opals are also highly protective and are said to help ward off negative energies and spirits.

Opal is the perfect stone to use in any type of ritual due to its advanced healing powers. It is also a great stone for those who are looking to overcome trauma or depressive thoughts.

This versatile stone is also said to help relieve PMS and help manage fertility. It is also the perfect stone to wear or carry into job interviews, big meetings or auditions.

November- Topaz

This beautiful stone is said to increase feelings of love, affection, and strength. It can also help to support creative ideas and a clear mind.

Topaz is a great stone for those who are just starting to meditate as it can also help to clear and release thoughts. It is also great for teachers and students as it helps to promote learning and an open mind.

Topaz comes in a variety of colors, so when choosing the stone that is right for you, go with your intuition.

Topaz is the perfect stone to use when you need help with accepting things in your life. Topaz can help you to feel at peace with whatever life is bringing you. It can also help you regain strength and courage after a setback.

Topaz is also great for manifesting wealth and abundance. If topaz is too expensive to purchase, you can also substitute with citrine.

December- Turquoise

Turquoise is the stone associated with good fortune, success and protection. Turquoise can help to evoke happy thoughts and positive energy. It can also help to relax the mind and bring about feelings of calmness and peace.

It is believed that turquoise can help enhance your intuitive and empathic abilities and can make you more sensitive to psychic energies. The good thing about turquoise, however, is that it is also very protective.

It has been said that Turquoise will slightly change color when in the presence of negative energy in order to warn and protect those around it.

Turquoise is also a very healing stone and is great for using in cleansing and releasing rituals. It is also the perfect stone to use when you have reached the end of a chapter in your life.


Everyone has been feeling the effects of the intense energies these days, and with these energetic influences, you may notice you’re super-sensitive and touchy.


It is time to let go of the past. Too much of you is stuck on what was rather than looking to the now.

While it is important to grieve and allow yourself time to heal, there is no benefit in re-telling the same old stories to yourself again and again.

Leave the past where it is and look forward now. You are being called on to take the present moment into your hands and make of it what you can.

The power is in your hands to change the future and the only way you can do that is by changing your awareness to the present moment.

In order to release the past, try writing it down or confiding in a friend, allow yourself one last chance to re-hash the old emotions and then let it go. You will not be able to move forward until you do.


Boundaries are not a bad thing if they are constructed consciously and with guided intention. It is time for you to put some of these boundaries in place because too much of you is scattered!

By having clear boundaries, you give your life a little structure and guidance which is exactly what you need to focus on right now.

You need to focus on taking responsibility for things that are not going to plan and to stop spreading your time and energy amongst people and situations that are no longer serving your higher purpose.

Its time to take inventory, as daunting as it all sounds, it will be your biggest ally right now. It is also the perfect time to clear out the house to reduce clutter.


It is time to connect. To connect to those around you, to connect to your self and to connect to nature.

You are not alone, you are part of the great web of the Universe and you must remember that everyone, everything- plant, animal or otherwise is connected by a greater force.

You can feel it, sometimes you can even see it, but now it’s time to put it to practice.

Remove the mask you have been wearing and allow yourself to make a real, true connection.

Start with yourself and then explore outwards. Connect with plants, animals and then finally, you will be ready to make a real connection with others.

If you are having relationship problems or issues at work, chances are all you need to do is connect. Try seeing things from their point of view.

Step out of your ego, into consciousness and ask, how can I connect to this situation to bring about the highest good? 


Things are moving forward quickly and its time to set some new goals and intentions!

Life has been moving at a fast pace and it seems that things are finally gaining momentum, what a perfect time to set some new goals for this new chapter of your life.

Start by going within and working out what your hearts desire truly is.

Write down the things that make you happy and then go for it! While results may not be instant, think of your thoughts as a boomerang, shooting straight up into the heavens.

Pick a Crystal to get Free advice about your Current Situation

Take a few seconds to carefully view this image. Do not think long, but simply choose the stone you like most.

Crystal 1

You will be pleased and ready to make changes and achieve results. Get lost time. You have inspiration, and in a professional field, nothing will stop you on the road and stop you. You are more emotional than usual, and this will affect your love life.

You will not say things that you think openly, but you should sometimes make an exception. Do not hurry to anything and do not rely on emotions when making decisions. New things are waiting for you in a professional field, and in love, you will strengthen relationships and courage will pay off.

Crystal 2

You will get the necessary support, it’s a great time for new contacts. Use the odds that are provided to you and do not limit yourself. You will find an unexpected solution in a professional field, and you will be satisfied with your love life. Nothing will disturb your peace and harmony.

Crystal 3

Your realistic approach will help you not get lost in the absurd ideas that will go through your head. In a great form, you have to deal with some difficult tasks, and your creativity will be strong in the professional field. Do not mix the finances in love life and do not engage in anything without getting in return.

Crystal 4

Let intuition guide you – it will not disappoint you if you ask the right questions. Make some changes in eating habits, you will. Your thoughts become clearer and you will be more specific. You know how to stand out in a professional field, express your views. Talk about your loving field needs.

Take note of the tips, but do not follow them at any cost if you think they are not appropriate for your situation. Have fun, be carefree and go to the atmosphere. In the workplace do not spill in more directions, and in love, get rid of the bad thoughts and rely on the charm.

Pick your Crystal to Receive a Free Psychic Reading

Carefully look at the crystals, let intuition guide you and choose the one you like the most. It is exactly she who brings a message that we hope will be inspiring for you.

1. If you sincerely love, you will attract love, if you are happy you will attract happiness. If you want all the good to come into your life, fill your mind and the world with the positivity and you will see how everything will change. The decision remains for you!

Your mind is like a big movie cloth on which you project your thoughts. It is truly wonderful how your thoughts always find a way to manifest themselves in the real world.

2. If your thoughts are positive, then you will expand the world around you. Also, every night before bedtime, express gratitude for the good things that happened to you during the day, and if you’ve faced something bad, accept it and direct your thoughts to something positive to fulfill your heart with happiness. This simple act has the power to transform your world.

3.  It is clear that we can not choose any situation that arises in our lives, but what we can do is to choose how we react to it. There are emotions that limit you, such as anger, despair or pain, and there are those like optimism, love, and faith that make you better people and make you move forward. The emotions you want to live with and the attitudes you take for what is happening are just yours, so do not forget that you are attracted to what you are.

4. This message comes into your life in order to remind you that happiness is the choice that you need to choose daily, a choice that does not depend on the circumstances that surround you. You need to realize that although there are situations that you can not definitely change, you always have the opportunity to live in another way.

Pick Your Guardian Angel To Receive A Holy Message

Take a deep breath and calmly look at the pictures of these cards for a brief moment. Which one of these are you drawn to the most? Scroll down to read the messages each one reveals.

1. You have a maternal side to you that naturally cares for those in need, yet this must be balanced with receptivity or the flow is blocked. Receiving is the essence of feminine energy, and it means allowing yourself to receive with grace and gratitude.

If you feel guilty when asking others for help, or if you feel bad about receiving gifts, then you block your feminine energy. Your receptivity is just as natural as your nurturing, giving energy. Receptivity allows you to better hear the voices of the angels.

When you receive, you have more resources to give to others. Begin by noticing the hundreds of gifts you receive each day, whether it is seeing the beauty in nature, witnessing a touching human moment, or being hugged by a loved one. Simply say “Thank you” for each gift, and know that they are filling up your storehouse, keeping the Divine flow going strong.

2. You have received this card because the angels of Harmony have heard your prayers for assistance. There are times in your life when you can feel out of balance due to the stresses and demands you are experiencing daily, which can challenge all of your relationships.

This can create disharmony within yourself and with those around you. Your Angel of Harmony wants you to feel at peace through knowing that she is trying to resolve any disharmony you are experiencing with friends, loved ones and co-workers. During this time of disharmony, acknowledge that the Angels of Harmony are assisting you from the spirit world to feel and see a positive outcome.

The Angels of Harmony are also healing any disharmony you may be feeling within yourself. It is important to remember that there are times when your natural balance is disturbed through issues that are no fault of your own. Challenges can occur when important changes happen in life and this can put you in a state of disharmony because you do not know what the outcome will be. Only think of positive thoughts at this time. Try to feel relaxed in the knowledge that positive balance and harmony you wish to rediscover in your life is not far away. Be patient and let the Angels of Harmony take care of the rest.

3. As your heart heals of old emotional pain, you receive new blessings and love. This pick signifies that you are healing some old emotional pain – the first thing that comes to mind is exactly the issue you are resolving.

As you let go of anger, guilt, or other emotional wounds, you awaken a new level of power within yourself that attracts everything you desire…and more. Call upon the fairies, as well as support people or professionals, to help you through this time of healing. Know that you are lovable and that you deserve a happy heart.”

4. This pick indicates the end of a karmic lesson or cycle where you have successfully cleared a contract or debt from your past. This could refer to a challenging situation you have recently conquered in your life or a troubling experience with an individual that involved a great deal of effort or pain. Even though there are ongoing lessons to confront throughout the course of your life, you will never have to experience this particular lesson again.

This also represents the “Wheel of fortune,” where whatever goes up must also come down. Just as the tides are constantly ebbing and flowing, you are being encouraged to adapt to both the highs and low in your life. For it is in your ability to adapt that you will make your dreams come true. By stating “This too shall pass” in the face of each and every experience, you will remain centered, grounded, and stable. In order to better your current situation, you a being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that have cleared you of a karmic debt from your past.

So pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your efforts and achievements. By continuing to face your challenges head-on and treating others with love and respect, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Affirmation: I clear debts from my past and create a happy, harmonious life. 

5. Amidst the rapid pace and daily demands of life, taking time to indulge in Pure pleasure is rarely included on our to-do list – or it is the first to be removed once we get busy. When was the last time you did something just because it made you feel good?

Now is the time to allow your senses to genuinely engage with more of the simple and profound pleasures of life. Prepare a special meal and savor each of the flavors and textures. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the natural world. Watch children or animals at play – and join them! Pamper yourself or cuddle a loved one.

Take the time to walk along the beach or through the trees. If you feel guilty enjoying pleasure for yourself, take a breath and Sense where this feeling stems from. Remind yourself – life is meant to be enjoyed, if we never allow pleasure, we can become numb and forget how to feel. We become Snappy like the crocodile, lashing out from this unfulfilled space Within. If we overindulge, always looking outside of ourselves for something to feed our sensual desires, in time our surface pleasures lose their appeal or can even become unhealthy addictions.

Sensations are most pleasurable in balance. By allowing yourself to engage your senses in things you find pleasurable, you connect with the very essence of life. Joy and pleasure are fundamental ingredients to a happy life!

6. Awaken the child within you and remind yourself of the beautiful and simple things in life. By guiding you to this card, the angels are confirming that you are on the right path. They ask you to keep focused on your dreams and to honor your inner child by doing more of that which brings joy to your life. Even though you may be experiencing some setbacks, you are urged to continue to follow your heart. Do not give up hope, for all to fall into place soon.

Ask your angels to light your path and guide you in all you do. When you see a rainbow its healing vibrations will inspire you to pursue your dreams.

7. Sometimes we get stuck on the treadmill of trying to get somewhere or be someone based on external pressures and expectations. We get stuck in our daily life routines so long that we forget what we are passionate about. We put aside things would really love to do with the justification that once we do x (get this job, achieve that goal, earn that accolade), then we will have the freedom and power to do what we really want to do. What if you knew that your greatest point of power to truly live the life you came to live, was resting in the very center of that which you love the most?

It’s time to give yourself permission to do more of the things that truly make you come alive. To remember what used to make you throw back the sheets in the morning and leap into the day – and to find a way to reignite that energy in your life now. What brings a spark to your eyes and lightness to your step? What fills your body with such excitement that it opens a smile deep in your soul?

It is true that love has the power to heal all wounds and opens all doors, but it is our passion that allows us to leap through to the other side. When we immerse ourselves in what we really love, we awaken a part of ourselves that is connected to the very pulse of life and everything just seems to flow. It’s like our soul takes over and we feel invigorated with a powerful desire and drive. We get swept up, letting go of time, worries and any restrictions.

We come away feeling rejuvenated and connected to an energy that washes over into all other areas of life. By engaging in our passion, we become the energy of passion, transferable and highly contagious wherever we go. Find ways to reignite your daily life with things that you are passionate about, and the energy of your Inner Light will begin to lead you on a bright and bold new path of expression in the world. Follow the pulse of your passion!

8. A deep transformation is taking place in your life. You have managed to reconcile issues from your past and as a result, your true nature is now beginning to emerge. This card is here to encourage you to continue on your spiritual journey and to continue to be yourself. You have much to offer the world by just being you. Love is magical, for it has the power to transform all things.

The love you hold has the power to touch not only those around you but the whole world. In becoming aware of your own beauty, you are not only empowering yourself, but you also help to mirror beauty in others. This card is connected to Nature and the healing power and beauty that She radiates. Nowhere is it easier to feel the magic of the Universe than in Nature. Nature exudes peace, love, and tranquility that touch the heart. She reflects the love that we have inside of ourselves. Regularly set aside some time to surround yourself with Nature. Her magical powers will help to reflect the magic within you. The coming weeks and months will bring healing into your life.

As your spiritual awareness deepens, so too will the awareness of all that you are, expand and deepen. This will have a magical effect on your life that will be felt not only by you but by all those around you. A time of transformation, of magic and beauty, is about to unfold in your life. Butterflies are a powerful symbol for you at present; symbolic of the transformation that awaits you. Over the coming weeks, take heart every time a butterfly flutters into your field of vision, for it confirms the wondrous progress you are making

Pick a Crystal and Get Free Psychic Reading

Choose one of those crystals to get advice free psychic reading You will be surprised how helpful this message will be.

1. Listen to your instinct and let yourself rest without feeling guilty – you deserve it. You will create new contacts that will be useful to you in the future, be open in a social field. The atmosphere is warming up, get away from the doubts and live your life in full.

2. You will be pleased to do things that you feel useful. You will use all your energy, so you will have to know when to take a break and get rid of stress. Say clearly and loudly your opinions without hesitation. Use the carefree atmosphere and indulge yourself completely.

3. There is a feeling of freedom and tranquility inside you. Avoid making big decisions today. Fill the batteries and dedicate yourself to yourself. You will attract people around you who will seek advice and opinion, discovering yourself in a loving field completely and show your feelings without hidden cards. You realize that reservation only prevents you from proceeding ahead.

4. Strive for high goals, lower the criteria. Fight for your rights and do not let anyone trample over you. Love life seems to have no flaws. It’s time to give up completely. You will be satisfied with the time devoted to a friend who needs support and help.

5. Get out of everyday worries and let yourself take a short break and rest. You are physically exhausted, fill the batteries. Go ahead to your goals and do not think about the consequences, but luck will be your inclination. The need for independence will not go hand in hand with love life. Give yourself time for yourself, but do not take drastic measures.


Look at the following 4 crystals, analyze them well and choose the one you like the most. Make sure your choice is careful and honest to get the best results. After you select the crystal, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.

1.  The universe is in balance. Each action creates a reaction, so each act has its own consequence. If you act with love, prosperity, happiness and wealth, then these same things will return you to even greater volumes – but you must allow it.

This crystal arrives in your life to remind you that, even if you are not so learned, it is equally good to give and receive. You have been giving it so long (the kindness is in your nature), which you have forgotten how to allow others to bestow you on you.

You are a person who consistently does good. But do not forget that you will receive only what you think you deserve, so do not be too hard on yourself.

2. You are a person who knows that devotion and the desire for success are crucial in building a life from dreams, so you always put your whole being into everything you do. Your main challenge is to be patient and to learn to move in parallel with your life because you are sometimes overly concerned and disrupt the natural course of events.

Remember that life is perfect and that it has its own timeline, so if you want to be happy, then you must move freely along the natural path.

If you do your best in your life, you will always see results, so continue to act with love, courage and confidence and everything will go well!

3.  This crystal reminds you that you need to create your own reality. It is possible at some moments to doubt your ability to realize your dreams, but whenever you happen to remember this, remember that you are an enthusiastic, passionate and courageous person and that it is in your nature to achieve goals.

It’s time to believe and create – Define your goal, visualize the way to it and take the right steps to achieve your dreams.

But also keep in mind that there is no need to imagine the full path or to know exactly what to do. Sometimes it is only enough to do the first step, to keep the positive attitude that allows you to be happy and the rest will develop in itself.

4. While you hand over the athletic part, folks often enter the struggle part. At this level, they’re extra mature after they study that they’re answerable for the implications of their very own actions and that they take duty for these round them. Within the struggle part, studying begins. We study to use the information gained to enhance ourselves and the world around us. Some classes might be tough, however, they’re nonetheless mandatory.

Success, ambitions and the need to attain objectives additionally characterize this part. This isn’t referred to as the warrior part as a result of we’re studying to turn into fighters within the true sense of the phrase. We’re starting to limit our deal with this planet and the means to attain it. Slowly, our future plans crystallize and we’re experiencing nice private progress. The motivation to push tougher for these plans to turn into actuality can be mirrored on this part, and the knowledge you’ll study can be invaluable afterward.

5. When you feel sad, it’s because you stick to the memories in the past. When you feel bad, that’s because you spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Remember that the past and the future are nothing more than mental projections of what it once was. The only thing that exists and belongs to you is here and now, as it really is.

This crystal comes in your life to tell you that you can not change the past – what happened, has already happened, and the only thing you can do is to improve the present and move forward towards the future.

Now is the right moment to relax and to thank the past that built your foundations, which brought you valuable lessons and made you realize that life is actually in the present.


So let’s take a moment to just settle into ourselves.  Take a glorious deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and let your face, shoulders, scalp gently relax.  As your breathing starts to slow trust yourself and allow your inner deep wise one to float up to the surface and help you pick the card or cards for you this week.  If you would like a bit more support with settling in, there is a fun guided visualization that honors the flowers of this Full Flower Moon.

Shall we go to see?

Princess Victorious

You are being asked to be a big-picture person for the moment.  Sometimes immediate gratification has to give way for a grander scheme unfolding, which will ultimately lead you to far greater and more meaningful success.  What seems to be a delay, obstacle, loss or even failure now is a twist in the plot of your life, necessary for your gracious destiny to unfold according to a higher plan.

It can be hard to keep faith when you’ve been defeated just one too many times.  It is easy to make fear and doubt mean something they don’t; it’s usually something like being doomed to fail and so we might as well give up.  However, fear and doubt are just symptoms of fatigue. They are signs that we are feeling battle-weary when it comes to life. To overcome weariness and create happiness, you are being asked to temporarily surrender your need to win – just for now.  Instead, you are guided to step back, regroup, replenish, be kind to yourself and know this: sometimes you have to be willing to lose the battle to win the war. That means being willing to go through things in the short term that might seem like a failure without losing confidence, courage, and trust that everything is going to go your way in the long term.

Know that you are strong and determined enough to bounce back and overcome difficult circumstances.  You will be given the power to succeed at the right time and in the best way for all concerned. So give in to how your journey is unfolding – even if it seems like you are losing when you’d rather be winning – but don’t give up hope.  Trust that the universe is strategic. It is helping you to succeed. If you need a sign to know that things are going to work out for the best, even if it seems like they are falling apart along the way, then this is it!

Joker is Wild

The Universe has a sense of humor, but never at your expense.  It is laughing with you, not t you. You’ll see this for yourself as the Joker weaves her magic in your life, bringing you the grace that is beyond all reason, the necessary ingredient to ensure you win with the hand you have been dealt by life.  There’s nothing impossible when the Joker appears. Her wild ways can transform a losing streak into a lifelong love affair with lady Luck.

Strap yourself in and prepare for the ride of a lifetime.  The Joker has come to you and the Joker is wild. Unpredictable and brilliant, she brings you a message.  You are being empowered to overcome all odds. So you are going to win. No doubts, no dramas, but not necessarily in a way that you expect either!  She is sending the best possible situation to you even now. It might startle you, like a sudden light in the middle of the night, but it will be welcome nonetheless.

You probably won’t see it coming.  It will probably be in a way that subverts everything you once believed to be true.  But it will be a welcome trick by the Universe, a loving joke that opens your heart and helps you realize that this vast impersonal universe personally knows and cares for you, so intimately and with such meticulous care.  Just don’t expect to feel in control of the process, for the Joker is wild and moves according to her own genius, but always blesses you with what will work best, beyond compare, now and always.

Divine Disguise

Some blessings are obvious – the door that opens, the person who says yes and the instant success of an idea.  But not all blessings are instantly recognizable. Some blessings are so veiled that at first, you might consider them to be an unwanted development.  A concealed blessing is either already at work in your life or on its way. Don’t worry if you feel like things aren’t working out as they should. Soon enough, the disguise will be dropped, and the blessed unmasked in all its beauty.

Blessings are the mysterious workings of the universe, there to help us along our unique life path to live our truths and fulfill our potential.  The universe has the knack of knowing just what it is we need, even when sometimes we might think we need something altogether different. This is how it can be that something we resist and reject in our lives can become the very thing we’re most grateful for later on.  The real beauty of a situation isn’t obvious to you yet. It could be a delay or change in plans that turn out to be in your favor, even if at the time you aren’t sure it signals failure! It could be the wrong person saying no so the right person can say yes. It could be being blocked from turning back to your past, so you must continue forward into the magic of your future.

But trust and have peace of mind and a realization that the universe does really know what it’s doing.  It’s in your corner, on your side, cheering you on and helping you avoid unnecessary pitfalls, even if you don’t know they exist.

Choose a Moon and get your Powerful Spiritual Message

1. Sensitive and empathetic

You want to do good deeds, but also be rewarded for them, so you are a very warm person who mainly focuses on meeting other people’s needs. Sometimes you do not rest enough and do not take the time for your own desires and needs. Your biggest challenge is to recognize your value, talents, and meaning. You have a very great gift and strong emotions. Explore them, use them and do wonderful things in life. Helping others is in your nature, but sometimes you need to think of yourself and focus on your fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness.

2. Restless researchers

You are very curious, objective, culturally and cautious observers. Although you are very communicative, you mostly want to be with your loved ones or spend time alone. Your mind is always full of many ideas, so sometimes you suffer from insomnia and stress. Your main challenge is to trust your intuition, the voice of your heart that you hear in your mind. This will remove the obstacles that prevent you from achieving real happiness in your life and becoming honest, fulfilled and satisfied. Remember that if you allow your heart to be your compass, your mind-your map, and the soul-your guide, you will never be lost.

3. Peaceful and friendly

You are very patient and appreciate your peace. In some cases, it is more important for you to keep the peace than to be right. Enjoy simple life pleasures. You want to sit at home and watch movies, enjoy nature with family and friends, go to small and comfortable restaurants … You are very active and talented, but want to escape the crowds, disturbances and fast pace of life.

4. Capable and ambitious

You are energetic and positive. You have great confidence. You feel that you must work constantly to find security and you want to achieve financial stability. Your main challenge is to be tolerant of yourself because you know that you can find yourself very hard in your critics. Pay attention to how you behave towards yourself when you make a mistake. Respect yourself, accept your mistakes and correct them with love and determination. It is much better to become a person who can accomplish his dreams than to be an enemy on his own.

2. Creative and perceptive

You are practical, kind, and emotional, you really know how to enjoy in life. You are more connected with the material world and want to build a positive aesthetic and emotional environment. You know how to exaggerate. Make a balance in your lifestyle and organize your time or someone else will organize your time for him. It will help you become happier and more satisfied with everything you do.

5. Energetic and temperamental

You are very confident, strong and influential. You value a lot of friendship and you are always loyal, so you are very afraid to be betrayed. Your biggest challenge is – trust. You are constantly in doubt, and it can be very hard. You very carefully choose your friends. Do not be afraid to be kind and trust people, because what you give will double to you. In this way, your life will be much more peaceful, more fulfilled, happier and more satisfied.

Pick A Tarot Card To Reveal What To Expect This Weekend

What can you expect this Weekend?

Select one tarot card that reveals your chances and opportunities this June. This tarot card will motivate you and show you the right direction.

Think about its message and try to get a benefit from its substance.

CARD 1: The Empress

This symbol may give you the urge to clarify what is important for you in the area of emotions. Maybe you’ll meet a person who will help you understand. You may use this period to solve problematic relationships with women who play an important role in your life. Don’t dwell on old wounds and pain, and don’t suppress your love towards yourself or towards others. You will feel the need for emotional balance but don’t overdo it. Feelings shouldn’t be exaggerated or suppressed – either one of these choices would cause inner incompatibility. It is a very creative period, you start taking care of yourself and get hold of your leadership skills.

CARD 2: The Tower

In case you’re tired, then the Tower is the ideal symbol for starting a healing process. Picking this card means that in the next few weeks, you will be trying to reorganize some aspects of your life that are health-related. You can start a diet, exercise, go for walks or other activities connected to yourself. In any case, it is a time when you can get rid of everything that you perceive as false, useless and done with. You will feel the need to free your life from complexity, make it simpler in order for your inner and outer form to be balanced. Maybe you’ll realize who you really are and what’s important in your life. The time for great inner change is coming. But be gentle to yourself during the transformation!

CARD 3: The Star

If you feel drawn towards this card, your main subject is believing in yourself and self-respect. You may implement thoughts that could help other people. You can start working on projects with people born under the Aquarius sign and the results could serve not only you but also other people. During the next few weeks, you may feel that the level of your self-respect is rising so much that you’ll be able to help other people gain their own self-respect. Your help to others may be appreciated or thanked for during this period. Even your intuitive perception may increase during this period. You’ll have a great desire to come up with something new and to do a good job. But be careful, self-confidence is not pride! Don’t forget about humility!


Look at the following 4 crystals, analyze them well and choose the one you like the most. Make sure your choice is careful and honest to get the best results. After you select the crystal, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.

1. Citrine–  This crystal reminds you that you need to create your own reality. It is possible at some moments to doubt your ability to realize your dreams, but whenever you happen to remember this, remember that you are an enthusiastic, passionate and courageous person and that it is in your nature to achieve goals.

It’s time to believe and create – Define your goal, visualize the way to it and take the right steps to achieve your dreams.
But also keep in mind that there is no need to imagine the full path or to know exactly what to do. Sometimes it is only enough to do the first step, to keep the positive attitude that allows you to be happy and the rest will develop in itself.

2. Jade – When you feel sad, it’s because you stick to the memories in the past. When you feel bad, that’s because you spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Remember that the past and the future are nothing more than mental projections of what it once was. The only thing that exists and belongs to you is here and now, as it really is.
This crystal comes in your life to tell you that you can not change the past – what happened, has already happened, and the only thing you can do is to improve the present and move forward towards the future.

Now is the right moment to relax and to thank the past that built your foundations, which brought you valuable lessons and made you realize that life is actually in the present.

3. Rose Quartz – You are a person who knows that devotion and the desire for success are crucial in building a life from dreams, so you always put your whole being into everything you do. Your main challenge is to be patient and to learn to move in parallel with your life, because you are sometimes overly concerned and disrupt the natural course of events.
Remember that life is perfect and that it has its own timeline, so if you want to be happy, then you must move freely along the natural path.
If you do your best in your life, you will always see results, so continue to act with love, courage and confidence and everything will go well!

4. Labradorite – The universe is in balance. Each action creates a reaction, so each act has its own consequence. If you act with love, prosperity, happiness and wealth, then these same things will return you to even greater volumes – but you must allow it.
his crystal arrives in your life to remind you that, even if you are not so learned, it is equally good to give and receive. You have been giving it so long (the kindness is in your nature), which you have forgotten how to allow others to bestow you on you.

You are a person who consistently does good. But do not forget that you will receive only what you think you deserve, so do not be too hard on yourself.


Want to learn more about yourself? Look at these magic ball and choose the one that got you the most. Get ready, because you will be amazed by the accuracy of this test!

1. Generosity and morality

You have high standards and ambitions, and you always strive for progress. Your work is fully focused on making the world a better place to live. Unfortunately, few people appreciate what you do. You have a large circle of friends, easily connect with other people and chest healthy relationships with them.

2. Openness and realism

You are very responsible, you seriously understand the responsibility. You are a good person who motivates others. Your character strongly illuminates every room. You stick to the motto to rely on yourself and do everything yourself in order to be completely independent. You believe in yourself and know how to keep the strength of your spirit.

3. Thinking and analyzing

Your thoughts and ideas are brilliant, and your mind is amazing. You agree quite well with people who want to study. Most importantly, you always try to do the right thing. You have a bright aura and people feel good in your company. You are a noble and sensitive person who always thinks about how he can improve himself.

4. Discernment and philosophy

A very special person, that why nobody can compare with you. The only problem is that you are emotional and often hurts people who do not understand you. You clearly see things-and the pros and cons of life. You are fully aware of what you want from life and you are ready to do everything to get it. Sincerity and respect are the only things you are looking for from others.

Pick one Crystal and get A Free Psychic Message

Pick one Crystal and Get your psychic message now! Choose one of that stone to get your free psychic message here. We know what the future awaits you. Read below your reading. Good luck!

1. Today you want to feel useful, so do not fall into the influences that make you passive. You are ready for serious contracts, meetings, and signatures. Private, pay more time to the family. It will also be important not to neglect the loved ones because of the work.

2. Today it’s important to make the most of your creativity. In the workplace, do not be afraid to stand out with new ideas. You will be noticed by the superstitious and it will help you in the future. It’s possible to discover important information that your partner or friends have silenced. Talk calmly.

3. Today expect good news and a positive atmosphere. Take advantage of the good mood to improve your relationships with colleagues. As for work, you have incredible luck. In love, appreciate the sacrifice of others and be sure to thank them. Give yourself more time to analyze things so you do not get into trouble in the future.

4. This is a good day to devote more time to financing and to improve the situation through analysis. You will have a chance to show yourself to the superiors, do not be timid. Private, follow the instincts. They will take you to the right people who will not waste your time.

5. You will successfully avoid conflicts around you if you choose to quit. In the workplace, be persistent and determined, if you want any change. In love, you will have little problems in understanding, but you will overcome them if you do not impose your opinion. Devote yourself to business discussions and assemble new contacts.

Choose A Moon And Discover Your Hidden Personality

The following test will ask you to select a single image from the line of 4. Don’t stop to think about or analyze the images, follow your gut instinct and go with the image that first speaks to you with no regard to the ‘why’ in the equation. Once you have selected an image, read on to discover what this reveals about your personality. Select An Image, Then Read On To Find Out What It Reveals About Your Personality:

If you chose scene #1

Those who are drawn to the first image are incredibly imaginative individuals. Your mind is always on the go, discovering your next big goal or dream. The good news, however, is that dreaming isn’t your only skill. In fact, you are an incredibly well-rounded person with the ability to take these dreams, create a realistic and workable plan, and put this plan into action. It is for this reason that you see great success throughout your life. You are hardworking, loyal and reliable, and this carries through into your relationships. With no interest in wasting your time collecting a long list of acquaintances, you focus instead on developing a small but high-quality inner circle of friends and family that you hold very dear to your heart.

If you chose scene #2

The second image will appeal most to those of you who are kind, loving and generous to a fault. You are incredibly sensitive and compassionate, caring greatly for everyone in your life. This causes you to draw people to you everywhere you grow, extending your social circle to include anyone and everyone who wishes to share in your joy and optimism. You will give all that you have to others with no thought of yourself and your own needs, which is why you need a few close friends or family members to remind you of the importance of self-care from time to time. There is nothing more that you want in life than to bring love and happiness to the world.

If you chose scene #3

With a higher than average intelligence, those who are drawn to the third picture see life in a more logical and practical way. These are the people who will genuinely shape the world with their unique perception of the world around them, willing to do whatever it takes to make their mark on society. They are driven and motivated, and incredibly skilled in the area of problem-solving and reading other people. While they surround themselves with a fairly large group of friends, they only reveal their true vulnerable side to a very select few. At the end of the day, they pride themselves on being strong and independent, determined that they don’t need anyone.

If you chose scene #4

Last, but certainly not least, those who find their attention drawn to the fourth picture are the peacekeepers of the world. There is nothing they love more than harmony and balance, working to solve any conflicts that they encounter by simply bringing the world together as a united front. They preach calmness, tranquility, and understanding, with a strong desire to bring an end to the hatred, violence, and negativity that plagues the world that we live in. While this may sound like an overwhelming and over the top goal, they don’t see it as such. Instead, they wake up each morning determined to transform even one more heart, slowly spreading their message of peace and love throughout the world.

Choose A Moon, And It Will Reveals Your Hidden Thoughts

The moon is a mystical, mysterious, and extremely powerful force in our world. It has proven it to be a silent and unassuming force upon us, but can your visual moon preference reveal you're true personality? Can it show you what your subconscious is screaming at you to change for the better? Take this simple visual test to see what the moon is saying about you.

Most of you have probably already heard of the moon’s significance in astrology and spirituality. It also has been studied from a scientific point. Sir Isaac Newton, for example, was the first to explain the relationship between the moon’s position and gravitational pull and the ocean’s tide. Did you know your body is composed of 55 to 75 percent water?

As such, the moon has been shown to have a significant impact on the human body. From sleep cycles to your menstrual cycle, the moon has been scientifically linked to almost every bodily function. Given it's scientific, spiritual, and astrological significance in our bodies, it’s only natural that our visual preferences of the moon can reveal much about our personality. And it might just be a fun test to do with your loved ones. So pick the moon in the picture above that you like the most and read your result below.

1. The Achiever

Your life history is goal and achievement-oriented. Efficiency is a companion that follows you. A healthy amount of self-confidence is fueled by your energetic, outgoing, and optimistic outlook on whatever your plate may hold at the moment. You favor safety and stability over letting the good times roll you away, and you’re willing to work extremely hard to create an environment you feel you can thrive within.

What you may be ignoring is that you are often your own harshest critic and personal execution squad. Be more kind to yourself when you make a mistake. Perfection is an unobtainable goal because it simply doesn’t exist. So, set your goal to be the best you possible, not an imaginary infallible version of yourself that you’ll never achieve. Learn from your mistakes, and allow mistakes to be yet another fuel you use for achievement.

2. The Creative

Your environment is highly aesthetic, tangible, and emotionally-based. The astute, tender, and emotional side of you makes you very conscious. However, your sensuality leads you toward excess and materialistic endeavors over practicality. Life is likely a high and low rollercoaster of self-indulgence and altruism toward others.

What you may be ignoring is that the excesses in life may be holding you back from your full potential. Do you spend long hours at play, overeat, or overly indulge in pleasures? All of the excesses can easily drain your energy, productivity, and creative juices. It dulls your natural brightness and stifles your time management of life. Try moderation and bringing down the intensity so that you have the energy reserves for the things that will further you in the long-run of life, not just give you instant gratification.

3. The Energetic

You have a zest for life and a strong character to help you juice whatever lemon or lime you’re given. Your even temperament makes you a steady and reliable worker, mate, and friend. Your energy translates into maintaining an environment of well-being for yourself and loved ones; you want to ensure everyone has everything they need. There’s a strong sense of loyalty when it comes to choosing who you surround yourself with, and your relationships are never something you take lightly nor for granted.

What you may be ignoring is that your strong sense of loyalty could be making you very standoffish to and distrustful of the unknown. Without risk, can there be a reward? Your greatest internal fear is betrayal, and that often includes a betrayal by your own senses. Being distrustful can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, and you often don’t even consciously realize how this constant state of on-guard is impacting your life, health, and happiness. Add calmness to your life by giving some leeway for innocent until proven guilty. Add fullness to your life by entrusting your own senses as a capable and trustworthy judge and jury. Some risks are worth taking.

4. The Compassionate

Your sensitivity to the world’s plight makes you an extremely kind, generous, and loving member of society. You have a gravitational pull to meet the needs of others you see aren’t being met otherwise. You might have only enough to get yourself through the week, but, if you see someone hungry, then you’ll sacrifice your own meal so that they won’t go without. Your selflessness in life is the most noteworthy characteristic people use to describe you.

What you may be ignoring is that you have your own desires, needs, feelings, talents, and life in general to live. You can become so hyper-focused on others that you lose who you are, fail to nourish your own life to thrive, and even become dependent on living vicariously through those you help. Take time to remember your own unique importance, explore and utilize your talents, and build your own environment of well-being.

5. The Wonderer

This peculiar world amazes your curious mind. You likely find your mind is always wondering and wandering, which has led you to become quite versed on an array of topics. In a constant state of observing and research, you’ve likely become quite cultured and mannered. Yet, you may often wonder why you seem so emotionally unintelligent to others. While you can be friendly and certainly converse in almost any circle and your mind may be a wanderer, you probably physically prefer to be alone or with your closest loved ones. This is likely because you get a sense that those who don’t know you very well either don’t understand you or become intimidated by you.

What you may be ignoring is the stress and sleeplessness caused by your overbearing mind. You rely almost solely on your mind to do life’s work and play. It’s tired, and it needs help. Your mind, heart, body, and soul should all be in positive harmony with one another. Your mind may be able to overcome obstacles alone, but such can be solved much quicker and easier when you allow your heart and soul intuition to give your mind a helping hand. Plus, your intuition can often counteract the worldly notions that often bog down your mind and lead you astray from reaching your own true happiness and satisfaction. Try using your heart and soul as your compass and your mind as a guide to be less stressed, more rested, and greater satisfied.

6. The Tranquil

Simple pleasures in life give you the greatest joy, which makes you a pleasurable and easy person to be around. You’re not needy or demanding. You’re perfectly content in a quiet and uneventful environment, such as sitting on the sofa with a friend watching television or a date that’s just a walk in the park. Tranquility, peace, and harmony are what you surround yourself with because you hate the hectic chaos of the world, but you spend a lot of time thinking about the ‘what ifs’ as they apply to the things you aspire to be, do, and see out in the world.

What you may be ignoring is how the ‘what ifs’ are detrimental to your health, well-being, and productivity. You have a lot of untapped skills you’re not utilizing. This likely frustrate you; makes you anxious; and makes you turn to spend hours upon hours pondering the ‘what ifs’ of yesterday and tomorrow for solutions, right? Spending all this time on what might and could diminish your energy, effectiveness, and incentive for productivity. Try staying in the current present moment. What, as the owner and captain of your own life, can you do right here and now to make yourself useful, happy, fulfilled, or enlightened?

Did you pick the right moon for your personality and subconscious? We would love to hear your story, thoughts, and questions in the comment section. If you know someone who’d love to pick their favorite moon and reveal what it says about their own personality, please feel free to pass this test along to friends and loved ones. It might help someone who is struggling to find their own voice.