Choose a Card To Receive a Message For This Exact Moment In your Life. When others project their fear on you and try to tear you or your creation down because it is not a good fit with their narrow worldview or paradigm, quietly get on with your work. You are loved and supported beyond your wildest dreams.

Tarot card number 1

THE WHEEL is a wonderful sign that at least one of the things on your wish or bucket lists are coming true for you this week. This is a great week for friendships and social gatherings. You also have a greater than normal ability to make an impact through humanitarian projects or charities this week. Seek kindred spirits out who, like you, share an interest in making this world a better place. Together, you shine your light in the world brighter than you could do on your own and the sum is greater than its parts. Check yourself for a tendency to be aloof around family members. You may also find that you have more inspired ideas than usual this week – Don’t hesitate to act on them!

Tarot card number 2

THE STAR  is a sign that you need to make time in your schedule for some self-care and in particular establish a grounding practice, whether it be through pranayama, hugging a tree, earthing (walking barefoot) or working with crystals such as black tourmaline. You will find you have a tendency to be in your head and worry about things and/or you could have trouble sleeping because your over-active mind is constantly trying to problem solve. As you probably already know, solutions tend to crop up by themselves when we are relaxed, so seek out as many opportunities as possible for deep relaxation go get those tension levels down and to allow for the problems to take care of themselves.

Tarot card number 3

THE 9 OF SWORDS is Fortune points to a very exciting week for you. Sometimes we find ourselves on the downward turn of the wheel but I’m shown that this week brings a lucky break. This could relate to work, family life or money. Stay alert to not miss any opportunities to move forward in the direction of your dreams. Some of the opportunities may be quite subtle or even disguised as trials. Pay attention to your own energy and to how it meets the world around you. If you pick up on a feeling of expansion, this is your intuitive self-letting you know that it is safe to take a risk and embrace the opportunity before you.

Choose One Of These Magical Symbols And We Will Tell You Something Important About Your Present

These five symbols may look familiar to you. They’re ancient symbols that bring good luck and prosperity to those who see them. Each one has an emotional charge linked to the person who chooses it, predicting something about their presence to help them in the future. Naturally, you’ll be drawn to the one that fits you best.

Which of these five symbols do you choose?

1. “North Star”

Now is the time for action. Don’t put off what you’ve been wanting to do any longer. Actualize your vision and concentrate on how you can make it happen. With enough determination, it will be a reality in no time.

2. “Magic”

Your life right now is fantastic. Good fortune is raining down upon you, even if you don’t yet realize it. Other people can see this, too, and would really like to be a part of it. Live in the moment and don’t worry too much about the things holding you back. Life is too short to be afraid to take chances.

3. “Trinity”

An external force is trying to influence you in a decision you’re not yet sure of. You can’t decide whether it’s in your best interest or not just yet. Consider all your options and what kind of consequences each would have. Thinking rationally is the best way to figure out what you should do.

4. “Spinning Wheel”

You might be lacking independence, unable to live how you wish. If this is true, it’s probably time to make a change. The time is right for things to move forward. Listen to your heart and find the best way to pursue your dreams.

5. “Om”

You’re currently awaiting the result to something important. Regardless of the outcome, remember to be thankful to the universe for it. Even if at first things seem bad, you might realize later on that getting what you wanted would have made things even worse. Most importantly, thank yourself for bringing so much positivity and goodness into the lives of those around you.


5 Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening, 2 Scares People

Since ancient times, the third eye had been revered by all kinds of cultures. Today, we know it as the pineal gland, but it is still called the third eye in the spiritual realm. 
The third eye is viewed as a spiritual sign representing our capability to conquer all kinds of challenges in daily life by tapping into our inner wisdom.
But there is much more to the third eye than that.
In most Eastern traditions, the third eye is undoubtedly real; a thing that anybody can perceive and obviously feel if they have a strong sense of self and mindfulness.
It is what is often referred to as the connection between our body and our spirit.
When we meditate with any consistency, the third eye opens and your inner guide becomes stronger and a more present guiding force in your life.
Here are five signs your third eye is opening:
1. A dull sensation of pressure between the eyebrows
Generally, when the third eye starts to manifest on a much deeper level, there’s a related consciousness of sensation between eyebrows.
It would seem like somebody is lightly touching us at that moment, or you might feel a spreading of warmth.
Sometimes this sensation could appear from nowhere; whether we have spiritual feelings or not.
It’s as if it’s a signal to pull us back in that spiritual state of mind.
2. Increased foresight
Among the most obvious signals of third eye opening is an increase in foresight or intuition we start to experience – if we are paying attention.
Intuition is the capability to know something might happen before it does or knowing something is right or wrong because of a feeling or sense.
It often comes and goes without notification. However, with time, this feeling could get stronger, and turn out to be a guiding process in our daily lives.
We might start to sense warning signs or what our next action should be without explanation.
Don’t dispute your intuition. Use it! It might not always be right; however, it most certainly will put us on the right path.
3. Prone to light sensitivity
With the opening third eye, we could find ourselves a little more sensitive to light and seeing colors more brightly.
Vivid colors and our awareness of light may begin subtly; they are not always instantly obvious or overwhelming.
However, the sensitivity to light often brings further awareness of what is happening around us. When focusing deeply on the third eye (like in meditation), the lights of the third eye might appear.
The third eye and it’s reference to light have been talked about for years in many traditions worldwide.
It is well-known in many forms of art and religious works.
If you study the works, you can often see the light reference in circular shapes and star-shaped lights peeking through the clouds.
Our eyes will change over time, and we might feel like we just can’t get enough sun on our skin. This is normal.
Soak it up! Just make sure you are not harming the skin.
4. A feeling of gradual and continual change
Most importantly, fostering a healthy third eye steadily changes our perspective and personality in life.
It results in beneficial changes because we want, and maybe even crave them. We can usually see it in the way we treat others. We might become more tolerant and less selfish.
5. Increased headaches
A headache pressure is stronger than the pressure talked about earlier that happens between the eyebrows.
At times, that pressure can begin to ache a little. Consider it a little bit of energy overload. Go outdoors and do a thing you cherish, like meditate or walk.
Head pressure is an actual sign of the spiritual eye-opening, particularly in the center of the forehead.
It is an indication that one’s pineal gland is developing energetically.
Tips to Engage the Third Eye
When our Third Eye is opening, we’ll begin body-to-soul discussions in our mind with an understanding of our place in the Universe and that we are the creator of our reality!
We will encounter greater states of mindfulness, enabling us to visualize a better life and take focused action to help us live up to our potential.
We’ll become very intuitive, possess a good memory, and we’ll have the ability to understand without any problem.
We can help foster a strong sense of intuition by activating our third eye. Start by doing these things:
  • Stay away from sugar and dairy as much as possible.
  • Meditate outside, naturally, sitting on the grass or natural ground.
  • Be mindful of our senses.
  • Drink more water.
  • Walk in nature for not less than half an hour every day.
  • Display and wear indigo and purple.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs.
  • Do aesthetic activities: Make visual art, drawing, coloring, working with memory, photography, hypnosis, and even some daydreaming


Look at the three cards below. Listen to your inner voice and intuition. Which card should you choose?

Sometimes, you just feel like you don’t have enough push or any motivation to take action. Well, if that’s the case may be these cards will help you.

The card you select contains a message to you. We really hope that it might prove useful for you and maybe even it will inspire you.

Find out which way you should start moving. What perspectives does the future hold for you?

Card No. 1

Enough doing everything for others without getting anything or any help in return. It’s time to take care of yourself. Concentrate on your own plans. Of course, altruism is a noble thing. But it’s time for you to step out of the shadows. You have many bright prospects. Use them and you will see how your life changes. It’s time for your success. So don’t be afraid to act. Everything is in your own hands. You just have to reach out and grab it.

Card No. 2

This card indicates that you are very inquisitive and brave. You love all sorts of adventures. Why not? After all, we live only once and we must fill it with pleasant emotions and experiences. Also, this card indicates that you need a shake. You need to try something new and bold. Go on a trip, if there is such an opportunity, or sign up for some interesting courses. This will help you perk up and find the happiness and joy you need and deserve.

Card No. 3

Change wanders around you, but you do not notice it from a close range. Your life is like a cozy and warm swamp. It’s good, but you deserve more. Maybe, somewhere inside you feel the ripening changes, but are afraid to take them. Don’t be afraid of change. This card will bring you a favorable change in your life. Now you shall see! Don’t be afraid. Do you have a dream? Start implementing it! If you don’t have a goal, then create it and boldly go for it.

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