7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You

Angels are spiritual beings, which guide us. Although they have a much different frequency compared to humans, their guidance comes in the form of channeled messages, dreams, and directly receiving insight. Therefore, there are many signs which show us that the angels are around us and they are trying to contact us. These signs may seem small and meaningless at the beginning, but over time they may increase in frequency and size.
These spiritual beings send us signs, which are a symbolic reminder of their love and support. Therefore, we present you some of the most common signs from the angels. You may start noticing these signs because you need some validation or answer to a question you may have asked, or they may serve to simply remind you your angels are with you.
If you find feathers on your path, it is one of the signs of the angels. This is an amazing reminder that angels are near, loving and supporting you. If you experience this situation, then enjoy in this powerful angelic sign.
If you notice a cloud which looks like an angel, it means that your angel is near to you and in this way it is showing its presence.
If you feel a lovely sweet scent and you are unable to identify the source, it indicates that your angel is near you.
Babies and Pets
If you notice a baby looking up smiling at the ceiling, or excitedly gazing into the air, it means that the guardian angel is present. When an angel is present, babies and pets seem to be at ease.
If you hear angelic singing or a nice sound that you cannot explain, it may be a clear sign from your angel.
If you keep on finding coins, it is a sign for your angel and a symbol of support. So, if you find coins, you should know that you’re loved, supported and guided.
Sparkles of Light
If you start noticing orbs, unexplained shimmers of light, or flashes of color, it means that your guardian angel is near. If you experience this, you should close your eyes, relax, and breathe because your angel is trying to bring you healing, upliftment, and rejuvenation.
source and courtesy: thebestremedies.com

Science Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others

Did it ever happen to you, when you were with a person and you felt a bad vibe as if the person was stealing your energy?
Everything is energy” is one of the main axioms of science, and human beings are no strangers to energy transformations.
An interesting study was conducted at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, which shows that plants can absorb energy from other plants. Olivia Bader-Lee, a physician and therapist, followed the results of this investigation.
The science that studies the behavior of energy in living things is called bioenergetics.
This research was conducted in algae, specifically in  Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. It was discovered that in addition to photosynthesis, it also has an alternative source of energy and that would be to absorb energy from other algae. The charge of this research is the German biologist Olaf Kruse, and its findings were reported on Naturesite.com.
According to Bader-Lee, our bodies are like sponges, absorbing energy that is around us. “This is exactly why there are people who feel uncomfortable when they are in a certain group with a mixture of energy and emotions”.
The human body is very similar to a plant that sucks, absorbs the energy needed to feed your emotional state, and can energize the cells and increase the amount of cortisol and catabolize, feed the cells depending on the emotional need. ” continues Bader-Lee.
That is why many people can change their mood which leads to being nervous, stressed, angry, anxious, sad, but also happy, optimistic and laughing.
Bader-Lee says that over the centuries, man has lost that connection with nature, in which the exchange of energy could bring enormous benefits to humanity.
Ultimately, the spirit is energy, and what we call “supernatural” is nothing more than the manifestation of different energies in the world. This was known in ancient cultures from every continent, but science has decided to ignore it and only a few scientists dare to address these issues, for fear of criticism and rejection by the scientific community.

How to Cut Etheric Cords: A Ritual You Need to Know

Have you ever seen the etheric cord that connects you to everything on this planet? 
You may get a glimpse of it every now and again, especially in your most meaningful relationships.
When we connect with another person, especially romantically we activate an energetic cord with them. As we continue through the relationship every interaction, thought, emotion and feeling are added to the cord.
Spiritual author Doreen Virtue describes it best- “etheric cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people”
This cord has the ability to share energy and transmit a high frequency of communication, which may explain why we often feel and connect telepathically to our partner's thoughts and emotions.
When the cord is healthy, it can create a vibrant, energetic source exchange but when the cord is unhealthy, it can often lead to feeling controlled or drained in energy.
Most of us will intuitively know how strong our cord is with someone, but if you are unsure, a good measure is how strong or how often you think or feel towards someone, especially if the thoughts are obsessive, manipulative or fearful.

Our etheric cords are generated from our chakras or energy centers. When these connections are imbalanced that is when issues can occur.

We are constantly creating cords with many people and even objects, but if you feel drawn back to an unhealthy relationship, or want to break negative patterns or addictions, or feel a strong psychic connection to someone that is draining your energy, a cord cutting ritual may be beneficial.
Especially when it comes to relationships, cutting the cord can help break the energetic attachments created and can help you to move on to receive new opportunities in your life.
Cutting the cord can help you recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace, can help you let go and can bring about new, positive opportunities.
The Cord Cutting Ritual:
  • Find a quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed. Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths.
  • Once relaxed, close your eyes and call upon your spirit guides or angels to help guide you through the process.
  • Upon feeling the presence of your guides, recite the following mantra:
    • “Dear Spirit Guides, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any etheric cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive attention be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.”
  • You may need to repeat the mantra 2-3 times. You can also close your eyes and visualize the cords being released, as well as the healing light surrounding you.
(You can, of course, tweak this ritual to your liking, there is no right or wrong- it’s ALL about your intention.)
After the ritual is over, smudge your surroundings, take a warm bath, drink plenty of water and relax in a peaceful or comfortable setting.
You will know if the ritual worked as you should feel lighter, more energized and more balanced.

Choose A Crystaline Shape To Reveal Unresolved Karma From A Past Life

Have you ever noticed that there are certain areas in your life that you continue to be challenged with no matter how much you try to work at these challenges? It is quite possible that you are working through karma from another lifetime that your soul chose to heal and complete in this lifetime.
Once we have insight as to what the karmic theme is, we are able to understand why we are experiencing some of the difficulties that have been a theme throughout our lives. There are several general themes that people are here to work through such as; trust, self-worth, poverty, health, spiritual beliefs and healthy relationships just to name a few.

Select the Crystalline Shape That You Resonate With To Find Out What Your Unresolved Karmic Theme Is
If you chose…
1. Letting Go and Moving On From Unhealthy Relationships
In a past life, you spent most of your time alone, isolated and felt abandoned by others. This is why you cherish your relationships and will do anything to prevent the dissolution of any relationship. You sometimes can only see the good or the potential for that person and it is difficult for you to let go of that ideal when the relationship becomes out of balance and unfortunately, sometimes toxic. When this happens to you, you tend to hold on and fight for the relationship longer than what is necessary and or healthy. This is due to your fear of being alone or not having the approval of others. Learning how to identify the red flags and warning signs will save you pain, heartache, and disappointment. The challenge may be in any or all your of relationships; family, friends, romantic, and or co-workers.
2. Second Guessing Yourself and Self Sabotaging Yourself and Goals
In a past life, you took many leaps of faith and those not well-thought-out leaps brought unfortunate results for you. Your decisions had put yourself and others in danger financially and physically. These mistakes caused you to not trust yourself during a previous life and have carried over into the present lifetime. There are several ways to work through this issue such as; taking your time with your decisions, documenting all of the successful and wise decisions and actions you have made in the recent past. Another suggestion is to not ask too many people for their opinions and advice. Seeking too much guidance outside of yourself will cause you more confusion.
3. Difficulty With Trusting In Others 

In a previous lifetime, you were the victim of deception and dishonesty many times over. The deception has caused you to be guarded and at times confused with what to trust with whom and because of that confusion, you may have placed your faith in others who have betrayed you. In this lifetime, you will and have attracted people who will test your faith and trust in them. The key is to pay attention to your gut feelings and to believe people when they show you exactly who they are. The signs are always there, maybe not at the beginning but there are always there for us to see. It is always best to take your time warming up to people as you build relationships with them. After 3 months, you will know exactly where their integrity is and you can then make your decision as to whether they are worthy to be in your inner or outer circle, friends or acquaintance. visit here for more info mysticalraven

Receive Your Psychic Message By Selecting A Sacred Geometric Shape

Your beautiful spirit has a message for you.  Ask of your spirit what is it that you need to be aware of in this present moment, then select the sacred geometric Shape that calls to you loud and clear.


You may have been thinking about changing up your routine, releasing negative habits, and or eating more cleanly.  Spirit says that this may not the time to change your diet, your exercise routine or even begin that cleanse you were thinking about starting. Right now there is already a bit of disturbance in your life and to add another shift in your life may be overdoing it and cause you to unnecessarily spiral. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't change things up but rather it would be best to wait a couple of weeks for when you are in a stronger mental, emotional and physical space. You will be more grounded and have a greater chance for success if you were to wait a couple of weeks.


As you are well aware these days there is a whole lot of releasing and letting go of people and or situations that are not in your best interest. The good news is that the shifts and letting go are 100% all the stuff that was weighing you down. During the next 3 weeks keep in mind that all that shifts, changes and released are for your highest and best good. Try to not resist what is occurring in your physical world because divine order and divine influence are at play here. Also, try to keep overanalyzing to a minimum.


You will be meeting new people and formulating healthier, more loving and fulfilling relationships. Because of the self-healing and awareness that you have been working so hard to apply into your life, you are at a different consciousness level and are in alignment with like-minded kindred souls that have much in common with you on this energetic plane. Enjoy yourself, go out have fun and embrace these new relationships.

Choose An Image To See Which Stage Of Life You Are Experiencing

We all undergo fundamental changes as we progress through life; it’s inevitable. But surprisingly, it has nothing to do with age! According to Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, these stages have to do with who we are as individuals and our purpose in life.
Choose an image below and we’ll reveal which stage of life you are currently experiencing:
Now find yours, and read it’s description below:
1. The Athlete
The athlete phase is the least mature phase among all the phases in life. It is characterized by being obsessed with our appearance and physique. The athlete phase can be narcissistic, critical, or even both. One typical example of this is teenagers, but also people who were raised by narcissistic parents.
2. The Warrior
As we move on to the Athlete phase, we get to the warrior phase. Here is where we begin assuming responsibilities and having the desire to be successful in life. Our goals and objectives seem to get a little clearer and we slowly bloom as individuals.
3. Declaration
Maturity-wise, the Declaration phase is a huge step forward. The Declaration phase is often related to raising children and focusing on leading them to a better life. However, this phase is not solely about raising children – it is about leaving a legacy behind in life. This is the best time to reflect on what you have achieved – not only for yourself but for others in your life.
4. The Spirit
The Spiritual phase is the final stage of life. In this phase, we realize that we’re more than what we’ve accumulated: be it money, friends, possessions, good deeds, or milestones. We realize we’re spiritual beings on a life journey which has no real beginning or end. The spiritual phase is about giving off the light and nourishing, having without possessing, acting without expectation, leading without trying to control.
source: mystical raven

Test Of A Great Psychologist: Which Portal Are You Most Afraid To Enter?

Joseph Campbell once said: “The cave you are scared to enter contains the treasure you are looking for,” He was an American historian and writer, who conducted numerous studies of human psychology. The theory of Joseph Campbell was based on the fact that the human being has to be happy, but also to be able to throw away his own fears, in the end following his ideals.
Clifford N. Lazarus is the famous psychologist who completely shares Campbell’s thinking. He also believes that the people have the ability to create their own barriers and those barriers are the ones that prevent him from expressing himself fully. He advises taking risks to face our own fears in order to achieve the real happiness.
If you want to find out your barriers, to know your fortune and your true personality, you should carefully observe these entries and then you need to choose the one that makes you scared the most.
Number 1
Abandoned House, you are absolutely someone who has a very strong, analytic and intelligent personality. You don’t have trouble to see things as they are, you always put your values in the first place and then you expect others to behave like you do. Covered with wallpaper wall is simply indicating that you have raised spiritual and emotional walls, and this is what makes people difficult to relate to you. On the contrary, the light turned on is showing that you want to break down these emotional barriers. You are a person with few friends, but they are real ones.
Emotional satisfaction is the treasure that you are looking for, the one that you need to get in touch with some person, however not intellectually. You need some deeper relationship, a relationship that comes from the heart.
Number 2
The stairs of a basement or loft mean that you want to be free so that you are able to enjoy your life. Getting down to this scale literally symbolizes the fear to be buried, you are very scared of death and you don’t know what’s next.
The treasure that you want is to have good health, so, in order to make this happen you need to take care of yourself. You will need to eat well and walk more often. You are someone who thinks a lot and loves the life, always respects yourself and you that is how you are going to find your treasure.
Number 3
If you are afraid to think about getting into an ice cave, it’s maybe because you are spending some period of time when you are looking for emotional warmth, meaning you are afraid to experience feelings such as frustration and sadness. To look at the positive side, that means you are going through a very pleasant period of your life, you are definitely someone who knows what he wants and you know what things are making you truly happy. You are someone with great values, you don’t like the ties being too tight, and that gives you freedom and independence.
Probably love is the treasure that you are looking for in that cave, and it is not just the couple love, but also the good relationship of friendship or loving a family member.
Number 4
The dilapidated house is among your worst nightmares. Home is the symbol of love and security that you have. You are a person who is very generous and a person who does not pull back when someone needs your help. You are someone who is always looking for well-being for your loved ones and trying to give you everything that you need. To see a house in ruins is meaning bankruptcy. Moreover, you are a heartfelt and loyal person, but not all the people know how to appreciate it.
Fearing the dilapidated house means the treasure that you are searching for is wealth. You know very well that in order to reach it you are going to have to work hard, but know this, once you get it you will need to be careful not to waste it. Those who truly love you do not need luxury items, only love and support.
Number 5
To be afraid of entering a tunnel means that you have to affect your emotions. If we add the hazy water to that fear, it means that your thoughts and ideas are not that clear and you must understand them better and to see them in a much clearer way. You will have to leave all the issues behind you and then find a solution. You are a heartfelt and very smart person.
The treasure that you are looking for is a trust in yourself, you have to express your feelings to solve your problems and doubts. You have to remember that all the things that are at the end of the tunnel are becoming clearer.
Number 6
Blue door closed with chains; that is plenty of color which resembles the sky and the sea and it indicates stability. You are a person, who is very productive, you usually reach the goals that you set, and they are almost always very difficult. You are very creative and you can solve problems with simplicity. You always try to give the best of you, and also you are disposed to be a great leader.
The treasure that you are searching for behind the blue door with chains is comfort, don’t overdo it with your work and commitments, you should take a rest, and just  try to enjoy the beautiful things of life.

Are You in The 1% of the Population That is Genetically of Higher Frequency?

Do you notice or even feel frustrated because the supplements, medicines, diets, and modalities that seem to work for other people don’t work for you? Do you do what most would consider “all the right things” for your health and spirit and still feel that you are not functioning optimally? Do your energies, moods, and immune system feel like they need a boost even when you take extra time for “self-care?” If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, there is a very good chance that you are part of the 1% of the population that is genetical of higher frequency. People of higher frequency tend to be described as “hypersensitive,” empathic, intuitive, creative, sometimes perfectionistic, and (wonderfully!) complex. Despite finding that other people are drawn to them, higher frequency individuals often feel alone in this world because they comprise so little of the population. 

However, they continue to move forward with their lives in a unique, heart-centered way. They live almost strategically in different parts of the globe as “light workers,” here to carry out their important mission or “Cosmic Call to Action,” which is to help our species and planet survive and thrive as a more consciously awakened world.

As a result, higher frequency people usually share many of the following attributes during this human experience:
1. A desire to find, confirm or capture the essence of their true spiritual “home,” partner, family, and/or community.
2. A feeling that entities or angels are around them. They may even see or hear those entities on occasion.
3. A feeling that they aren’t achieving the success, relationships, and happiness they desire—despite having outstanding skills, capacities, and intelligence.
4. Changes in moods, emotions, and energy levels that appear to reflect the people or planet around them, as much if not more than their own condition.
5. Moments of feeling more “awakened” or conscious, but finding those times short-lived or unsustainable in 3D daily life.
6. Vivid dreams, and even moving, speaking or acting out while asleep.
7. Periods of intense “shedding” of relationships, responsibilities, or priorities.
8. A feeling that time is moving much faster or even “getting lost” during regular activities.
9. Enhanced awareness of synchronicities and believing that there are no “coincidences” or “accidents.”
If you are of higher frequency, you likely also share a number of the following beliefs, perspectives, and ideologies:
1. “Service to Others” is your mantra or motto, which helps dictate the decisions that you make and all that you are and do. You know that what you do to and for others will affect you and your loved ones sooner or later—because we are all connected by frequencies, energy, our planet, and karma.
2. You see our earth and the human experience as a smaller part of a bigger picture. You feel almost like we humans are the experiment, playground, or “school” for spirits, entities, or forces from other dimensions, including some of your own soul’s energy source.
3. You understand that it usually takes dire situations to open people’s minds. You so want to be genuine in your interactions with others in your daily life, but feel more like you have to be a metaphysical “Clark Kent” and keep your Superman thoughts and talents in your back pocket. You find that it’s not until you come to the rescue of others in dire straits that they can look past your more spiritual cape and approaches. They are finally more open and just grateful to be helped.
4. You believe that happiness may or may not be the goal of this incarnation, but that living a life that is consistent with your purpose will produce all of the fulfillment you could ever want. It’s not about imitating what others call a “successful life.” It’s about feeling like you are on your OWN best path to your destiny.
5. You believe that your destiny is set and is great, but that free will and frequency can and will change the timing, ease, and efficiency of fulfilling that destiny. Consequently, you look to strengthen your frequencies and awareness level more than most.
6. You follow your heart, recognizing what science has finally proven. The heart senses and reacts to an event before it ever happens and even before the brain can process it. The heart really knows best, and first.
7. You don’t like that money is the focus and basis of our current world. You prefer to see people for how they are and what they feel, and not for what they have or whom they know. You prefer to exchange services and talents rather than money. For you, sharing your art, time, and expertise tends to reflect more of what’s in the heart than any other currency ever could.
8. You love and honor our planet and the natural universe. You feel the pains physically and emotionally when Mother Earth is ailing or rumbling. You may also feel the pull or mental and physical disruption during events like the moon’s cycles, solar flares, planetary alignment, etc. It sickens you that humans have prioritized greed rather than sustainability and kindness to the living things around us.
9. You recognize that each person has a different part in our global community. Regardless of rank, role, or training, each person is valued and crucial to the greater picture. The student is as important to the teacher as the teacher is to the student, as are the construction crews that build their school and the maintenance crews that keep it beautiful.
If the qualities and tendencies mentioned above resonate with you, then you probably have lots of experiences being and/or surrounded by a higher frequency person. It may not come as a surprise that–because of all of the energies that higher frequency people take in and take on from the world around them–they are quite prone to: food and environmental allergies; thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue; inflammation leading to digestive and/or joint issues; depression, addictions, or extreme highs and lows in mood; and intense relationships to sexual activity, body image, and/or exercise. Most higher frequency individuals feel the need to regroup or refresh by being alone and away from the energies of other people; by spending time in water or nature; by engaging in sports or physical activity; and/or by getting lost in music, dance, or other forms of expressive art—all to help rid themselves of the frequencies they take in, as well as to help rebalance their own energy systems. While being a super-charged human has its challenges, lessons, and contrasts, you contain the Divine fabric, energies, and soul that represent the next steps for our human species. Because 3D life as a higher frequency person is complicated, it is neither helpful nor expected for you to live in perpetual bliss, nor to isolate instead of participating in this world. Any discomfort and confusion you experience pave the way for your sincerity and ingenuity; your resilience inspires others, and your tenacity is the hope for our future. Most importantly, by living a life that resonates with you, you move others to transform in positive and profound ways too. Although you may not always receive the applause, recognition, or gratitude that you deserve from others, as with most pioneers, your trials, tribulations, and triumphs are pivotal and will be appreciated for generations to come.

Find Your Native American Zodiac Symbol & Its Meaning!

Native American animal symbols can encompass just about all the animals and their symbolic representation to the many tribes of the Americas.

Many Native American cultures have the belief that a person is assigned an animal at the time of birth. Find yours!
January 20th through February 18th – The Otter
The Otter
● Colors – Silver
● Personality traits – Independent and friendly
● Compatible with – Raven, Falcon, and deer
● Best day: Saturday
● Best time of the day: between 11 am and 1 pm, between 11 pm and 1 am
Yes, the Otter has an unusual way of looking at things, but he/she is equipped with a brilliant imagination and intelligence, allowing him/her an edge over everyone else.
Often very perceptive and intuitive, the Otter makes a very good friend and can be very attentive.
In a nurturing environment, the Otter is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous, loyal and honest.
If you are looking for a friend, look no further than someone born under the sign of the Otter. Otters pay great attention, are very supportive, understanding, brave, and truthful.
February 19th through March 20th – The Wolf
The Wolf
● Colors – Blue-green
● Personality traits – Gentle and generous
● Compatible with – Woodpecker, brown bear, and snake
● Best day: Thursday
● Best time of the day: between 1 and 3 pm
Passion and emotion are the hallmarks of the Wolf.
Deeply emotional, and wholly passionate, the Wolf is the lover of the zodiac in both the physical and philosophical sense of the word.
The Native American sign that is most attuned to the heart and philosophy, the Wolf understands the emotional needs of everyone around him/her and is perfectly willing to provide love.
The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it.
When it comes to nurturing, the Wolf is full of passion, willing to give, deeply loving, and most of all gentle.
March 21st through April 19th – The Falcon
The Falcon
● Colors – Yellow or green
● Personality traits – Powerful and spontaneous
● Compatible with – Salmon or owl
● Best day: Tuesday
● Best time of the day: between 3 and 5 am
Naturally inclined to leadership, the Falcon always has a sharp mind when it comes to making decisions in tense situations.
Always pragmatic, this member of the Native American zodiac isn’t inclined to wasting time and always stays on target.
Keeping on task is the hallmark of the Falcon. Keenly suited for team sports, the Falcon always tends to seize any opportunity.
April 20th through May 20th – The Beaver
The Beaver
● Colors – Yellow or blue
● Personality traits – Determined and methodical
● Compatible with – Woodpecker, brown bear or goose
● Best day: Friday
● Best time of the day: between 5 and 7 am, between 5 and 7 pm
The beaver loves being in charge but is also flexible and can adapt to any situation easily.
Mostly business, the Beaver gets the job at hand done with maximum efficiency. Strategic and cunning, the Beaver is a force to be reckoned with in matters of business and combat. One might also think twice about engaging the Beaver in a match of wits – as his/her mental acuity is razor sharp.
Under the right circumstances, Beavers can be loyal, compassionate, helpful and generous.
May 21st through June 20th – The Deer
The Deer
●Colors – Yellow or blue
● Personality traits – Smart, good communicator
● Compatible with – Raven or otter
● Best day: Wednesday
● Best time of the day: between 7 and 9 am, between 7 and 9 pm
The deer in Native American mythology represents the creative influence. Witty and inspiring, the Deer also has a great sense of humor and can make almost anyone laugh. Always willing to converse, if you fall under the sign of the Deer then you are a great talker. This combined with his/her natural intelligence make the Deer a must-have guest at dinner parties!
In a supportive environment the Deer’s natural liveliness and sparkly personality radiate even more.
June 21st through July 21st – The Woodpecker
The Woodpecker
● Colors – Pink
● Personality traits – Sympathetic and protective
● Compatible with – Snake, wolf, and beaver
● Best day: Monday
● Best time of the day between 9 and 11 am, between 9 and 11 pm
The Woodpecker is the nurturer who always has an open ear. People born under this sign are very empathetic and understanding. No other sign is as supportive. The listener, totally empathic and understanding, the Woodpecker is the one to have on your side when you need support. Of course, they make wonderful parents, and equally wonderful friends and partners.
In a nurturing environment, the Woodpecker is, of course, caring, devoted, and very romantic!
July 22nd through August 21st – The Salmon
The Salmon
● Colors – Red
● Personality traits – Proud and confident
● Compatible with – Owl and falcon
● Best day: Saturday
● Best time of the day: between 11 am and 1 pm, between 11 pm and 1 am
Creativity is your calling card if you are born under the sign of the salmon. Salmons are also expressly focused, prone to intuitiveness, and amazingly energetic. As a Salmon, you are very confident and love to motivate.
A natural motivator, the Salmon’s confidence, and enthusiasm are easily infectious.
As a Salmon, you have many friends thanks to your intelligent, intuitive, and generous nature.
August 22nd through September 21st – The Bear
The Bear
● Colors – Brown, and purple
● Personality traits – Modest and practical
● Compatible with – Goose and beaver
● Best day: Wednesday
● Best time of the day: between 1 and 3 pm
Pragmatic and methodical the Bear is the one to call when a steady hand is needed.
The Bear is also gifted with an enormous heart and an inclination for generosity. However, one might not know it as the Bear tends to be very modest, and a bit shy. In a loving environment, these Native American animal symbol showers love and generosity in return. Further, the Bear has a capacity for patience and temperance, which makes him/her excellent teachers and mentors.
September 22nd through October 22nd – The Raven
The Raven
● Colors – Blue and brown
● Personality traits – Charming and friendly
● Compatible with – Otter and deer
● Best day: Friday
● Best time of the day: between 3 and 5 pm
Highly enthusiastic and a natural entrepreneur, the Raven is quite the charmer.
As a Raven, you possess a type of easy energy that everyone relies on. As a Raven, you are quite the idealist but also calculating at the same time. Under positive circumstances, the Raven is very easy going, romantic, and almost invariably soft-spoken.
In relationships, the Raven is intuitive and patient!
October 23rd through November 22nd – The Snake

The Snake
● Colors – Violet or orange
● Personality traits – Ambitious and impulsive
● Compatible with – Woodpecker and wolf
● Best day: Tuesday
● Best time of the day: between 5 and 7 am, between 5 and 7 pm
Closely tied to the world of the spirit, the Snake is the traditional sign of the shaman.
Easily attuned to the ethereal realm, the Snake makes an excellent spiritual leader. Also respected for his/her healing capacities, the Snake also excels in medical professions.
There is a bit of an inclination to secrecy and darkness in the Snake, but those born under this sign can also be very caring and sensitive. In positive situations, the Snake can be humorous, helpful and inspiring.
November 23rd through December 21st – The Owl
The Owl
● Colors – Gold or black
● Personality traits – Adventurous and independent
● Compatible with – Falcon and salmon
● Best day: Thursday
● Best time of the day: between 7 and 9 am, between 7 and 9 pm
As a rule, this sign is one of the most adaptive. Easy going, natural, and warm, the Owl is friendly to all.
The bearer of this Native American animal symbol is notorious for engaging in life at full speed and loves adventure.
Owls make great artists, teachers, and conservationists. But because of his/her adaptability and versatility, the Owl would likely excel in any occupation. In a supportive, nurturing environment the Owl is a sensitive, enthusiastic, and attentive listener

December 22nd through January 19th – The Goose
The Goose
● Colors – White and silver
● Personality traits – Serious and reliable
● Compatible with – Beaver, brown bear, and raven
● Best day: Saturday
● Best time of the day: between 9 and 11 am, between 9 and 11 pm
If you want something done – give it to the Goose. Persevering and ambitious to a fault, the Goose sets goals for accomplishment, and always obtains them.
Driven is the Goose’s dominating personality trait – which makes them excellent in business and competitive sports.
There is no stopping you especially when you know that your family and friends have your back. When in a positive relationship, the Goose can be romantic, passionate, and sensual.
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