Choose a Healing Crystal to Receive Prophetic Message!

Here’s what you need to do:

Pick the Crystal that you feel most drawn to. Go with the one that got your attention first, or that you keep coming back to.

Once you feel happy with your choice, scroll down the page to see divinatory meaning of stone you picked.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies you are ready to access your deeper inner wisdom and bring it into your everyday life. You are about to embark on a period of growth and transformation in all areas.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies it is time to call upon your will power and independence to drive your goals forward. Let the light flow into all you undertake


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates the need to exercise discrimination in all our dealings . It gives us power to seek the underlying truth of the matter and bring it into light.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates a need for a balance and healing in our life. Look to the past to shine a light on the future. There is need for process of growth and evolution, open yourself to higher vibrations, start with having more positive outlook at life.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates a need to break with old patterns and embrace change. It particularly asks us to take responsibility for transforming our lives.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies that is time to stop taking yourself too seriously. Are you trying too hard to achieve spiritual enlightenment? Bring some joy and celebration into your life.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies a need to look carefully at your motivations. Are you standing strongly in your own space or are you allowing yourself to be affected and influenced by the problems of others.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it’s time to move towards unity of all things. Connect with nature and let the eternal cycles of life bring you balance and wisdom.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it’s time to draw on your inner will to move forward. Take responsibility for your own existence and work towards a state of grace.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it is time to add some energy and drive to achieving our dreams. How can you bring forward a sense of enthusiasm and expansiveness into your purpose?


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies that love will soon enter your life either as a romantic gift or in a way that will help you heal past wounds and move on.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates an increase in your ability to focus and achieve objectivity. think of an issue or situation in your life to which you need to bring the power of your mind and spirit.

13) OPAL

DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies it is time to focus on love and emotions. Are you honouring yourself, seeing clearly and listening to your heart? Take responsibility for your feelings and actions, resolve your karma.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies it is time to appreciate the good things already in your life and make plans to change what holds you back form fulfilling your dreams. See the bigger cosmic picture and appreciate the beauty and gifts of the place where you are!


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies you will find necessary strength and creativity to realize the changes you need to make. Call upon your deep innate strengths to clear path ahead. Do not worry you have the power to overcome anything and manifest as you will.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies the way forward will be clearer and easier! A clear sense of purpose will enter your life , allowing you to move on.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies that the truth of a situation will soon be revealed. Look within yourself, do you already know the answer?


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies effort will be rewarded. Look for ways in which purpose can be directed towards achieving goals and inviting success.

19) Apophyllite

DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it’s time to let go of whatever is holding you back or down. Consider your life carefully. What can you let go in order to move onwards and upwards towards your potential?


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it’s time to focus on realization of a dream or project. Sit quietly with the thought in mind. Is it just a wish or are you ready to manifest the reality ?


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates an influx of energy is on the way. Life and particular relations with others will seem brighter, lighter and more energized.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates a need to quietly contemplate your purpose. Are you steadily working in the direction you need to or are you blithely moving forward?


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies that you need to draw on your inner resources to overcome a communication obstacle. Draw your courage to speak your truth.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it’s time to recognize the female powers in your life. Are you honoring them within yourself and others?

25) OPAL

DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies it is time to focus on love and emotions. Are you honouring yourself, seeing clearly and listening to your heart? Take responsibility for your feelings and actions, resolve your karma.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone indicates it’s time to open your mind and realize your inner creativity. It asks you to stop procrastinating and bring forward your dreams to the light.


DIVINATORY MEANING: Choosing this stone signifies a need to work with the body before proceeding to more spiritual development. Ensure you are grounded and centered before undertaking any shamanic or vision quest.


Your guardian angel(s) are excellent counselors; think of them as your very own Divine Life Coaches. Their guidance is truly for your best interests, always positive, unconditionally loving and very honest, but never judgmental or negative. You can always count on your angels for the best advice, counsel and information available.

Take a look at the 5 Angel Cards below, and choose one that speaks to your soul.

1. Trust Yourself

If everyone learned to trust their own instincts, without question, the world would have more peace, because there would be less drama and stress (we’d be a lot physically healthier too). Consider this, your higher self and spirit (Angels, God, the universe; whatever resonates with you) communicates with you through your intuition. When you dismiss your intuitive feelings, you are, in part, dismissing Divine Guidance.

Your intuition is a guidance system, not an explanation system. It is based on energy, and energy doesn’t lie. Learn to trust it without always needing to know why you are feeling a certain way. If you have doubts about your feelings, ask for a sign from the universe or your angels to confirm them.

2. Love Yourself

Self-love is the foundation of your life. When you are truly loving, forgiving and accepting with and of yourself; you can share and give that energy to others. We can only give what we already have for ourselves. When you are more unconditionally loving with yourself, you naturally give that to others; creating healthier relationships along the way.

All love comes from within, and so does hatred. Self-hatred, even in minimal forms, puts that energy out into the world, and it is matched, because like energy attracts like energy (Law of Attraction). Self-love puts loving energy into the world and it is amplified and attracts more of the same. Loving yourself is loving the world!

3. Do What Brings You Joy

Joy is a very high vibrating energy, aligned with love. When you do joyful things, you give that energy to others. Each one of our individual Life Purpose is to serve others in a way that bring us the greatest joy (because when we do, we help raise the energy of the planet).

When you spend your days stressed, miserable or unhappy, that energy affects everyone in your life ; it is draining! If you only act on one Angel Message, this would be the most important one; not only for your life, but for the lives of everyone around you and for the greater good.

4. Stop Comparing

When we compare ourselves or our lives to others, we lower our vibration. Comparing is either done to makes us falsely feel better or feel worse; it is a no win either way.

The only path you need to focus on is your own, because the only person you can change is yourself. Allow others to inspire you and believe in your potential; feeling jealous or judgmental is a clear sign of destructive energy.

5. Seek Peace

World peace happens one person at a time. The more peaceful you are, the more peaceful you make the world with your energy. The first four messages all combine to help you have more peace in your life, but there are other practices that can support that.

Meditation, creative expression, yoga, physical exercise, eating clean, energy healing, essential oil diffusing, Chakra clearing/balancing and healing crystal use are all tools for creating more peaceful,energy in your life. Create a spiritual practice that centers around this principle and you will change and impact your life in very positive ways.

Pick One Card to Find Out Whether Your Dreams And Desires Will Come True!

Each person has his or her secret desires and dreams. Many of us strive to make them real.
But we don’t always succeed in making our dreams come true. Perhaps we have exerted too little effort for this or, maybe we don’t even really want them fulfilled. Or possibly it’s just not the right time to have them realized.

Do you want to know if your dreams and desires will come true right now? We suggest using this fortune-telling.

So, first think about your hidden wishes, visualize your desire and think about your dreams. Next, go deep into your subconscious and select one of the cards.

You have chosen card # 1

Your desire will most likely come true, but you need to wait a bit. Don’t rush things. Everything goes on as usual. Haste and hurrying up can only spoil everything, so you got to be patient. Live your life as best as possible and when you expect it the least your dreams and desires will come true.

You have chosen card # 2

You have earned a long-time deserving reward for your work. You will get what you want, but not in the form in which you expected it to arrive. But this new form might possibly be the best way to receive your reward for all your hard work and you will not regret it.

You have chosen card # 3

The universe is not ready to give you what you are asking for. Think carefully about your desires. Make an effort to make it happen. Remember, work is always rewarded. So if you are persistent – the universe won’t be able to refuse you. But you must work hard to make it happen, this is not the time for laziness, as it won’t be rewarded.

You have chosen card # 4

You will receive what you ask for and even more. The main thing is to not stop there. You must act towards your goal and more. For you, the fulfillment of just one desire is not enough. You must continue with all the hard work and lady luck with a look towards you and realize all your dreams and desires.

Choose a Feather You Like And It Will Reveal Your Personality!

The following is what your choice of feather says about you:


You avoid conflict at all costs. You mostly prefer calm surroundings. Sometimes, when people talk too much early in the morning, it makes your head explode.

You gel well with your peers, and make friends easily. You’re actually quite popular for your enigma.

Your weakness is your inability to say ‘no’. Some think you’re a pushover, and some others misuse your compassion. But none of it matters to you because you’re hell-bent on being a good person.


In Darwin’s world of the fittest, you would win. Talent is your middle-name. You know too many things for your own good.

Your perfectionism weighs heavily on you. Not only do you don’t rest with inferior work, but you don’t accept it from others either.

Solitude is preferable to you because it helps you gather your thoughts. But your absence someti


You are a powerhouse. You love exploring new things, and do not settle for boredom.

In most cases, you are an overachiever. You set goals as high as your standards, and train to achieve them.

You are vested with the strength to lead battalions. However, you must choose your comrades wisely. Some friendships could potentially cause you grief.


You’re a no-nonsense soul. You know exactly who you are, and stick by it. Surprisingly, you have your head in the clouds quite often.

Some think you’re overbearing because of your unshakable stand on situations. You’re also impossible to cheat.

You’re the kind of adult that seeks reasons behind everything, and offers the same in your own behavior. You are not ruled completely by impulse.

You beat yourself up over perfectionism. Remember, that you’re human. You’re allowed to make mistakes. Strive to make your art better, but don’t kill yourself in the process.


You breathe art. You are gifted with intuition and immense talent for creating.

What holds you back is your self-confidence. It is lower than the last layer of Hell. It makes you constantly question your abilities, and mars the possibility of achievement. Don’t let it hold you back.

You do not take your work for granted, and strive till the last detail is in place. You do the best you can for the human beings around you.

For all the love you show others, be a little kind to yourself. Overcome your inhibitions, they aren’t greater than you are.

Choose A Symbol To Reveal Which Phase of Life You Have Entered

When you’ve discovered the image that feels essential to you personally, scroll all the way down to learn extra about its that means.

1. The Athletic Part

Self-obsession and narcissism are essentially the most immature of all phases of life, mostly discovered amongst these at the moment within the athlete part. It is a time when persons are fearful about their look, their silhouette and all the things else. Due to their immaturity, folks reside on this part as if the universe revolved around them and solely around them. They’re blind to the struggles of others, and since additionally, it is an egocentric part, they aren’t actually fascinated about figuring out it.

Sarcastically, if narcissism is an important function of this face, it additionally consists of self-criticism and a scarcity of shallowness. Though they’re two extremes, they go collectively within the athlete part. The ego of an individual is bigger than life and it’s inconceivable to destroy it, or they lack self-confidence. They’re continually reflecting on their look and whether or not they have made errors in the way in which they determined to introduce themselves. Usually, persons are caught of their youth at this stage, however, so are those that have been raised by narcissists. The primary is extra egocentric, however, the second is just too self-critical.

2. The Warrior Part

While you hand over the athletic part, folks often enter the struggle part. At this level, they’re extra mature after they study that they’re answerable for the implications of their very own actions and that they take duty for these round them. Within the struggle part, studying begins. We study to use the information gained to enhance ourselves and the world around us. Some classes might be tough, however, they’re nonetheless mandatory.

Success, ambitions and the need to attain objectives additionally characterize this part. This isn’t referred to as the warrior part as a result of we’re studying to turn into fighters within the true sense of the phrase. We’re starting to limit our deal with this planet and the means to attain it. Slowly, our future plans crystallize and we’re experiencing nice private progress. The motivation to push tougher for these plans to turn into actuality can be mirrored on this part, and the knowledge you’ll study can be invaluable afterward.

3. The Declaratory Part

The declaratory part brings us to mature now by jumps and maturity. This takes you a lot additional than the earlier two and it may be tough to take care of all these modifications on the similar time. That is the part of life in which you’ll carry your individual offspring to the world. In the course of the earlier part, you discovered to take duty for your self and others. It is a good time so that you can obtain care of one other life. It may be scary, but it surely’s additionally a really thrilling time.

To have extra than simply youngsters and educate them correctly, in this part you additionally take into consideration what you permit them. You’ll notice how essential it’s to depart you a legacy you might be pleased with. That is the fitting time to evaluate all of your previous accomplishments and look at how they’ve affected your life, particularly these which can be essential to you. Whereas wanting your youngsters to honor you, you additionally need to just remember to are the type of mum or dad you might be pleased with once you name yours, and you’re able to make the mandatory modifications.

4. The Religious Part

The final part to reside in this life is part of the spirit. We notice now that the universe encompasses extra than simply the issues we discovered in this materials world. Whereas wealth, relationships, lovely objects, and achievements have been essential, your spirituality takes priority over all the things else. Greater than ever, you’re feeling your connection to the universe.

Our unity with our omnipresent spirit slowly develops in our consciousness and we turn into conscious that we’re solely beings transferring in house. Life is vitality and has no starting or finish. Anyway, the journey should proceed. After you have reached peace of thoughts, your life can be centered on illuminating your gentle within the darkest locations and offering meals and compassion without something ready for you in return. You will see that you’re striving to show and information others, in order that they, too, can enter this part of the blessing. It’s a finish, but it surely’s additionally a brand new and completely satisfied begin.