Mystery behind Letter X on your palms (Only 3% people in the world have it)

Palmistry- What does Letter X symbolize?

Based on the ancient knowledge of palmistry, we know how the palm lines and symbols are associated with our personalities and future prospects in terms of career, life, marriage, money, and health.

Ancient books on palmistry

This popular ancient practice of foretelling the future through the study of the palm has its roots traced back to Indian (Hindu-Vedic) astrology. Based on several scriptures around the world, it's been deduced that several thousand years ago, Hindu sage Valmiki authored a book containing 567 verses.

Origin of palm reading

It is believed that from India, the knowledge and practice of palmistry sprawled across the world, through China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to several other countries in Europe.

Greek astrology

It is also said that it was Greece scholar Anaxagoras, who, during his time around the Indian sub-continent learned about Palmistry and later shared the knowledge with Hermes.

Secrets of Alexander The Great

Aristotle found the treatise regarding the matter of palmistry at one of Hermes’ altars, which he then displayed to Alexander the Great. The latter took great interest and began inspecting the character of his officers by evaluating the lines on their palms.


Though there is no affirming evidence of the same, some say that Alexander deeply studied his own palms and strategized his life accordingly; and no one had the markings, lines, and symbols like his palms.

Letter X on palms

Egyptian scholars suggest that Alexander The Great, had this unique marking on his palm, which was rarely found in anyone else in the world. Of late, only 3% of the entire population claimed to have the exact same marking- Letter X.

Research study on palmistry

In order to determine the credibility of this claim the STI University from Moscow, recently conducted a research and revealed a paper on the subject of the letter X on the palms and its potential connection to the destiny of the people who have it.

Sign of a great leader

The University took collected and analyzed the data of over 2 million people, both living and dead; and concluded that people, who had letter X on both palms, were either leaders or highly popular individuals in the society, remembered for great things.

People who have/or had Letter X on their palms

Of the rare individuals, who had this marking, were great Greek Emperor Alexander The Great, President Abraham Lincoln. And, one of these people is still alive and is hard to ignore- Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Those who have Letter X in both their palms, go on to be remembered for ages even after their death. And, the ones who have it only in one of their palm go on to be extremely successful and famous individuals.

Personality traits of people with X on their palm

These people have great sixth sense or intuition. The can sense, danger, infidelity, and disloyalty from a hands distance. Over time they form a special energy cycle around them, which people around them simply cannot intrude.

Trying lying to them, and they’ll unleash the worst ever side of themselves. They might forgive, but they’ll never forget. Nothing or no one can bring them any harm; such is the power of their luck.

These people are sharp, intuitive, have great knowledge and memory of an elephant. They are easy to adapt and make no fuss about arrangements around them.

Pick a Crystal to Improve Your Current Situation

Choose one of those crystals to learn how to improve your current situation. Don’t think so much while choosing it.

Crystal No. 1

You need to spend some time meditating and focusing on what you want in life. Set goals and go boldly towards them. Don’t let others ruin you because you will notice such attempts. Happiness and satisfaction are waiting for you, you only have to come to them, and no one else can do it except you.

Crystal No. 2 

It is possible to pretend that you are something you are not, trying to deceive others and yourself. Take off the mask, remove the wall that you have erected around you and be what you truly are deep in your soul. Commit to those things that fill you with positive energy, listen carefully to the people around you, and make communication with them full of understanding, compassion, and love. Forget the anger because it leads to nothing good.

Crystal No. 3

Take a walk in nature and enjoy the surroundings. It will fill you with positive energy, help you remove negative thoughts and relax. All of this will result in a balance in your life and a sense of satisfaction that will attract new, quality friends and genuine love. Everything is in your hands.

Choose a Card and Find out What's Going to Happen in The Near Future

Today we have prepared for you a test  fortune telling, which will tell you about your future. You just have to choose the one card you like and read your prediction. Well, let’s start!

CARD No. 1

If you have chosen the first card, you will feel for a short period of time as if you are thr top of the world. evrything will go by your hand you will not be worried about anything. 

Finally you will feel as if you have achieved evrything you wanted. Also you will finally have the right time to reax and enjoy the small things that you have not had time before. 

Try to surround yourselff with people who are honest with you and wish you tge best. Only then will you be able to apply all the blessings that appear to you

CARD No. 2

then you should know that everything that you undertake this year should be done by you personally if you want to successfully complete the planned tasks.

You do not need to rely on third-party assistance, although you will have a lot of temptation to ask for help because of the complex tasks that await you in the near future.

Just be more attentive and responsible, and you do everything you need, and it will be worth it!

You should not have a frivolous attitude to any events in your life, since it is in your best interest to take tasks seriously and improve them to the best of your abilities! Calm down and act as your intuition tells you!

CARD No. 3

we are happy to inform you that in a short time everything in your life will become better and you will not have to worry about anything!

You will feel that, finally, you have achieved everything you wanted. Finally, you will have time and the right to rest, relax and enjoy the little things of life!

Try to surround yourself with people who are sincere with you, and I wish you health! In the end, only then can you receive all the blessings that destiny is ready to give you.


Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend. Apologies to any of you who were waiting to catch the daily guidance reading here on the blog

You are becoming increasingly sensitive to energy (everything is made of energy), so it is likely that you will respond in more radical ways to energy healing and vibrational medicine at this time. Since there are no side effects to vibrational medicine, you have nothing to lose by trying it in the week ahead if there is any chronic condition that you have been struggling to find a remedy for. You could try anything from a flower/homepathic remedy, sound healing to actual crystal healing.

Working with the energy of Preseli Bluestone can help us stay grounded, be more fully present in the moment, as well as true to ourselves and our calling as Earthkeepers.

You Chose Card no. 1

6 of Cups. You are revisiting your past this week and seeking closure. Allow the emotions connected with this past memory to arise and observe them without judgement. Now is the time to integrate this lesson and let go. Our Tarot Healing message for the month of June is especially relevant for you in the week ahead.

You Chose Card no. 2

King of Wands. A wonderful week to organise people around you with regards to a new venture you wish to get off the ground. You are naturally charismatic and people are likely to jump at the chance to work with you, so don’t hesitate to make that pitch – Green light all the way, baby!

You Chose Card no. 3

Three of Cups. Focus on celebrating friendship this week. A new friend will come into your life. This may start small and online rather than in real life but it will grow into a life-long friendship provided you nurture the relationship with the intent to cultivate an anam cara (soul friend) connection.

Choose a Crystal and Get a Psychic Reading Online for Free

Choose a Crystal and Get a Psychic Reading Online for Free : Look at the following Four crystals, analyze them well and choose the one you like the most. Make sure your choice is careful and honest to get the best results. After you select the crystal, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.
Get a psychic reading online for free

Get a Psychic Reading Online for Free

1. This crystal reminds you that you need to create your own reality. It is possible at some moments to doubt your ability to realize your dreams, but whenever you happen to remember this, remember that you are an enthusiastic, passionate and courageous person and that it is in your nature to achieve goals.It’s time to believe and create – Define your goal, visualize the way to it and take the right steps to achieve your dreams. But also keep in mind that there is no need to imagine the full path or to know exactly what to do. Sometimes it is only enough to do the first step, to keep the positive attitude that allows you to be happy and the rest will develop in itself.

2. When you feel sad, it’s because you stick to the memories in the past. When you feel bad, that’s because you spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Remember that the past and the future are nothing more than mental projections of what it once was. The only thing that exists and belongs to you is here and now, as it really is. This crystal comes in your life to tell you that you can not change the past – what happened, has already happened, and the only thing you can do is to improve the present and move forward towards the future. Get a psychic reading online for free

Now is the right moment to relax and to thank the past that built your foundations, which brought you valuable lessons and made you realize that life is actually in the present. 

3.  The universe is in balance. Each action creates a reaction, so each act has its own consequence. If you act with love, prosperity, happiness and wealth, then these same things will return you to even greater volumes – but you must allow it. This crystal arrives in your life to remind you that, even if you are not so learned, it is equally good to give and receive. You have been giving it so long (the kindness is in your nature), which you have forgotten how to allow others to bestow you on you. Get a psychic reading online for free

You are a person who consistently does good. But do not forget that you will receive only what you think you deserve, so do not be too hard on yourself.

4. You are a person who knows that devotion and the desire for success are crucial in building a life from dreams, so you always put your whole being into everything you do. Your main challenge is to be patient and to learn to move in parallel with your life because you are sometimes overly concerned and disrupt the natural course of events. Remember that life is perfect and that it has its own timeline, so if you want to be happy, then you must move freely along the natural path.

Here we Suggest Get a psychic reading online for free If you do your best in your life, you will always see results, so continue to act with love, courage and confidence and everything will go well!