What Are Your Plates Like At Home? Tell Us And We’ll Reveal Basic Characteristics Of Your Personality

One of the first details that gets our attention whenever we move from our previous house is the crockery. That’s when you notice it, even if you didn’t pay attention before. However, now is a good reason to check what your plates look like. Go check it out and see the results!

Done? Alright, now scroll to find the closest one to the ones you have.



Simplicity is your lifestyle. You’re comfortable with daily routines and are in control of your emotions.

Bright colors


Especially red, orange or yellow colors show that you’re a happy and optimistic person.

Dark colors


Black, blue or brown colors show that you’re a frank, honest, and determined person.

Small and simple


If you prefer plates with small dots or lines on the borders, it means you’re a person who loves honesty.

Plates with flowers


This type of crockery shows that you’re a family-oriented person and are loyal to those you love.

With a graphic pattern


This type of pattern on your dishes shows you’re somebody who has an adventurous soul and that your life is full of emotions.

Specific shapes such as leaves or fruit


Creativity and imagination dominate in your life. You also offer loyalty and justice.

Rectangular shapes


This kind of plate shows that you’re a confident person. You like to make constructive suggestions to solve problems.

source: wikr

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