If Your Partner is One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs, The Likelihood Of Them Cheating Might be High.. Here’s why

Lets face it, relationships are complicated. Especially when it comes to the possibility of cheating occuring. Even though you can NEVER be sure wether or not it will happen to you, there are certain characteristics that can hint at such an event occuring.
It’s happened to every one of us, we fall for them hard, their past doesn’t matter. The world can talk about the much generalized adage – ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’ – as much as they want but nothing will change our feelings for them.
Most people do not agree with zodiac signs (certainly not for their partner’s commitment level, however one cannot deny the fact that they do raise a moderate amount of curiosity. After all, who wouldn’t want to know if their partner or future-partner can or cannot cheat on them?

Through careful research, meticulous assessment and a lot of discussions later, we have zeroed in on a few zodiac signs that are more likely to cheat on their partners. Here you go:
1. Scorpio
Scorpio’s have a high risk of cheating. They have an extremely high sex drive and a thing for flirting. The satisfaction of their physical desires is their number one priority. They hate being vulnerable in a relationship. Ever heard of commitment issues? Scorpio’s in a nutshell. If you want to keep a scoprio by your side, you better be damn skilled in the bedroom.
2. Aquarius
Being in love with an aquarius is a beautiful experience. They will go above and beyond to help meet and serve your every desire, as long as they remain in love. Once they no longer feel the same way, they will do ANYTHING to keep the blame from being pointed at them. If your heart truly desires to be with an Aquarian, don’t let them get distracted.

3. Leo
Leo’s are the center of the universe -atleast their universe- attention seekers by definition, and the master of their own little world. They have a lot of confidence, and even more ego. If you want to tie down a Leo, you’re gonna need to tame the lion inside of them.

4. Gemini
Let’s face it, gemini’s are extremely attractive. They have a constant willingness to try new things and are never afraid to take the next adventerous leap. The problem arises arises with the fact that it is hard for them to be limited by monogamy for extended periods. A gemini will love you with all their heart as long as they are with you, but if they get bored, they’ll likely have an affair. So get CREATIVE and keep them interested!

 source: soulspottv.com

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