Find Out What This Spring Has In Store For You By Selecting One Card

The season of Spring brings us the opportunity for new beginnings, new vision, and regeneration. Find out what the theme will be for you this Spring by selecting the card that calls to you
1.  Emotional Release
Feeling sensitive and a little out of sorts? That is because you are releasing pent up emotions that have been tucked away for years This is a healthy emotional detox. Be prepared with extra tissues as your release takes on a liquid form. You also may experience strong perspiration, extra trips to the restroom, and tears that seem to come from nowhere
2. Moving On
There is an area in your life where you know it would be best for you to move on. When we stay longer than necessary in either a relationship or situation, we recieve signs that it is time to make a transition. Before you resent anyone or become even unhappier, reflect on your choices and make your decision. Isn't it better to part ways with integrity instead of burning bridges behind you?
3. Ancestral Karma
The challenges you are experiencing these days are affecting your ancestral lineage from past, present, to future. As you mend your soul, you are changing the energetic cords in your spiritual and physical lineages. The growth in your soul can be and is felt on all planes. All your relations are grateful as you work on yourself in this lifetime.

source: awakening people

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